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I downloaded a few things scenery and aircraft and a few of the aircraft did not show up some did. Am I missinng something? The Grumman Goose, Bell47 Mash helo, T-45 and a few others didn’t work. Others showed up just fine.

I’m guessing for the Bell and T45, you actually download liveries. Those aircraft are payware and cannot be found on that site. You’ll have to purchase the actual aircraft first.

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That’s what I was thinking to since several others worked so I must be doing something right. Brings back memories when I was first learning how to instal FS9 aircraft and scenery.

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No worries! I would suggest using the “menu bar” on the left side of that site. There’s a TON on the site and it can be easy to get “lost”. The left menu is broken up by liveries, scenery, aircraft, etc, so you know what you’re getting. Hope that helps a bit, happy flying!

Here’s the actual Goose: Initial Release: Grumman Goose G21A Redux II - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Thanks! I am learning!

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Man… I can’t tell you how many hours I spent keeping that scenery index right. Airports on top, then landclass, then mesh. I think at one point I was even doing manual edits to that cfg to create flatten rectangles. Aircraft was easy though - dump it in and go fly. I had just about every freeware propliner and GA plane ever offered, half of the POSKY hangar, and every single plane Mike Stone ever built! I had well over 100 aircraft folders, and flew most of them at least monthly!

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Every aircraft carrier even learned to place my own around the world hundreds of aircraft pride of ownership!

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Hi all, I cant find any AI Traffic for MSFS20, I mean AI traffoc for just filling up any airport, not to fly them. Does anyone have a tip for me where to find this on the web ?
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