Microsoft Flight Simulator - NZ & AUS Discord - Auckland Pack - Now Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator - NZ & AUS Discord - Auckland Pack Alpha 0.1
New pack coming from our NZ community free for all. Enjoy the trailer
Credits: Editing Camera work & music written by: Hybrid NZ
Pack Created by MartyNz, Sprout & HybridNz


Very nice! Do you have th discord channel invite link?

Great work! Thanks.

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:smiley: :heart_eyes: very nice … wouah ! Nice job ! Bravo et voilà ! :slight_smile:

Awesome work. Thanks from a kiwi simmer !!


Handsomely! But stuttering is invincible!))

Cheers, cant wait to get it out to you all.

Latest patch defeated stuttering! Let’s get a new video! :airplane: :small_airplane:

that’s looking absolutely stunning! great job guys!

Looks awesome! Great work! Any chance this can make it up on as well when released? I don’t use discord.

I see no issues with that

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Enjoy peeps

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Auckland Pack Alpha 0.1

NZ & AUS Discord
Part of the New Zealand Scenery Series - Launch of the free download for Auckland, New Zealand for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Pack by: MartyNz, Sprout, Nethiuz, HybridNz

Cameras, editing and music written by: HybridNz
Mass Division - Jupiter’s Dawn (c) 2020

All logos, devices, entities and trademarks are copyright to their respective owners.


  • Eden Park
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Auckland Sky Tower
  • Spark Arena
  • Auckland Museum
  • Night mode / lights work for all! see the end of the trailer :slight_smile:

Copy to your MSFS community folder to install and fly.

Pack Trailer here:

Download here:



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Need 5 folders to be added to the community? Can I put everything in one Auckland folder? Otherwise, there will soon be confusion.

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Fantastic, thanks!

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Nice, downloading now! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Oh yeeah , sweet as bro.


Fantastic work, thank you! New Zealand is one of my favorite places, how cool that they have Barad-dûr in the middle of Auckland? hehe Glad that you are boosting the scenery, keep em coming.

And thumbs up for the industrial music!