Microsoft Flight Simulator Stats

What are your stats?

Does anything stand out?

Total distance in meters flown upside down was rather surprising. As was total distance I have spent just taxi’ing.

Also I unfortunately am going to assume I hold the Microsoft Flight Simulator World Record…for most crashes. I encourage anyone to beat this record.

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That is a long time upside-down!

So, most of that 540 hours was either taxiing, upside-down, or in a ditch (maybe also upside-down)? :stuck_out_tongue:

10,000 crashes in 540 hours is a crash every 3 hours so that isn’t bad with putting yourself in danger with the canyon runs!! :slight_smile:

I’m sure that 540 hours is an underestimate?

Oh it’s way off. I was averaging close to 100 hours a week for over a month. Steam says I have logged over 5k hours in the sim which is way more reasonable. Heck even my youtube channel if you cut out half of my videos, just those uploaded videos would tally well over a thousand hours flying.

Doesn’t feel like I have flown upside down for that length of time. I get dizzy/car sick in real life so I don’t think in the simulator I would be flying upside down for long extended periods of time.

What does your stats look like?


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Why is time measured in seconds?

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I suppose so it’s more accurate but it does make it hard to read. Should have secs then also hrs:mins once it goes over 1 minute.

Btw @Fartoolong3532 my maths was way wrong. It’s a crash every ~3 minutes which seems impossible?! Unless my maths is still wrong lol

All of the statistics need to be displayed different, or at least give us an option to have it displayed normal.

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It’s a very odd design choice… No one says, “meet me at the terminal in 15,000 seconds.” People don’t talk or think like that so you have to convert stats to make them useful.

Not that I care about the stats in this sim: I don’t trust them in the slightest and my logbook has gone from almost 2K hours down to 1K and back up again…of all the things that need fixing in the sim, this would be pretty low on the list imo.


I wish there was a stat for: “Sitting on the runway threshold while waiting for re-compiles to finish”.

According to Steam I have 3952 hours towards that one.

Non-dev mode flying time: 33 hours, hehe.

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While you are correct, I am going to try using seconds instead of minutes. Try to keep my mind sharp by doing math and confuse others.

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I’m not that bad.


I don’t know, but there’s a Wishlist topic asking to correct that:

You have me beat on a few of em