Microsoft is discontinuing Windows Mixed Reality WMR


Just saw that WMR is being removed!
Is that the end of my G2!!! Surely there must be plans for software to follow, but they don’t mention anything.

Is my HMD about to become landfill?

I seriously just spent a year getting it to work properly!!!


Could this mean they will incorporate WMR into Windows natively?

It would be nice of them to actually say that instead of just casually tossing a kthxbye over the fence. So weird.

That is not how I read it. It will just not be present anymore in future versions. It will remain for Windows 11, but the next major version will not have it anymore.

The obvious followup question is, when will MS2024 deprecate Windows 11?

(That was ‘mostly’ sarcasm.)


I sold my G2 because of the poor software support. Windows 11 has been released years ago and still there is no proper support (I mean the super annoying head shaking bug). I see no future for WMR and the G2 sadly…

Seems nobody is making WMR headsets.

Microsoft shutting down Windows Mixed Reality and remove all applications in a future Windows update. So our headset will be a fancy brick in the future.
Thanks Microsoft. It’s amazing how you treat your customers.



I highly doubt they will suddenly remove WMR from current Windows OS, if anything as said above they simply won’t include it for Windows 12 & beyond.

They lost all faith in the VR & MR markets last year so laid off a lot of staff earlier this year (Microsoft has laid off entire teams behind Virtual, Mixed Reality, and HoloLens | Windows Central) so the writing was well and truly on the wall, so this move does not surprise me and the lack of clarity in the text without any actual announcement is also no suprise.


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This is correct. Hang on to Windows 10/11. They just can’t compete.

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I’m lucky enough to own a 4090, I struggled with the G2 for almost 2 years, dumped it for a Quest 3 and honestly never looked back.

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Just read today that Microsoft Is Killing Windows Mixed Reality, Will Remove Support For It From Windows thats the news on today, so what will us VR flight simmers now do without native Dispayport device suppport? Is this why VR is slowly being left behind in the Sim including this Forum Categories?


WMR will be fully and permanently broken by a Windows update long before there’s a version of Windows that doesn’t come with it. You can bet on it.

It already was broken by a WIN11 update that took the best part of a year to be fixed.

That’s the reason I have a Win10 install on my VR machine that has had no updates (apart from security) in well over a year.

Everyone can get as mad as they like toward MS, but at the end of the day there isn’t the volume of VR titles or game studios to carry PCVR much further than existing titles already have.

If you find that a little depressing there are plenty of VR youtubers you can go and watch to hear all about the next ‘game changer’ and that will cheer you right up

Luckily I have already jumped ship. I hung on to my G2 for a long time – even bought two of them! But now I have switched to Q3 and it’s much better.

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The future of PC based VR is hanging from the end of the USB cable that comes with the Quest 3

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is the G2 unable to work with Steam VR or third party software like Virtual Desktop?

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The “SteamVR with Windows Mixed Reality” adapter is one of the components that is being deprecated. It will continue to work with SteamVR-compatible games on Windows 11, but won’t be available on a future Windows 12. By then you may or may not have gotten hardware that has native SteamVR drivers. :slight_smile:

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This is… Quite sad. Not surprising, but what will be the short term solution if any?

Wow, this pretty much means us G2 guys are gonna be stuck on Win11.

It was cleared the ceased development for it, but given MS track record of backwards compatibility I would have thought they at least keep the current state as is.

Oh well, once I get a new GPU I guess I’ll upgrade to new a headset as well. One thing is clear, 2d is just no option for me.


Very bad news for us G2 users. I can sort of understand why MS may not want to develop VR any further if they dont really see the market as being big enough, but to simply drop the software to allow users to continue using VR with current hardware is hard to swallow.

Guess I will be holding off investing in MSFS 2024, hardware and FS addon until it is clearer what the future holds for us VR addicts. I now have limited faith in VR even being supported in 2024. If not I would be unlikely to support MSFS in the future.