Microsoft Mars Simulator - MSMS

After the ‘‘World twin’’ is finished in a few years we could fly over to Mars. :rocket: :ringer_planet:
DEM data exists, atmospheric pressure is known, trees and water not needed… :smiley:

The NASA helicopter Ingenuity is already released, thanks to Touching Cloud:

(just a funny thought experiment :wink: )

I can already imagine all the posts saying, “they got the landscape colors wrong”, “the rocks don’t look right”, “the mountains are too high”, “the sky looks all wrong”…
:smirk: :wink:


We could do full fidelity, months-long journeys from Earth, only to CTD on descent.


Nah, somebody will write that the rendition of Mars is immersion killing, and just unflyable …


The Mars Rover Add On is not an accurate representation of the current Rover and is outdated…

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“The clouds are rubbish. Much better before Planet Update 5!”


‘‘The dust devils doesn’t create enough turbulences!’’


Yes, well, interesting but let’s have old earth right first :slight_smile:

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…is there a problem with Earth!?

Maybe need to accelerate the Mars mission.

it’s also possible to find Mars on Earth in MSFS, the Atacama Desert for example:

I am told the air smells a bit different, though.

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Yeah, that’s the first thing this sim needs.

I’m not against flying in foreign countries (or planets), as long as you can find a decent pilot bar :clinking_glasses:

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AW that would be soooo cooool… only if they let me fly the ship from here to there… Im a poor guy, I will never get one of those space rides.

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The sim only supports 250 nm of altitude (or so the spaceport FSX author says) so you’ll only climb so high and bounce of the ceiling. If you want to fly to mars or any of the other planets, I would suggest KSP or several of the other space flight sims out there that will do it better.

Or you could dig up your old copy of FSX and or P3D and use them, if that project even gets finished… ;p

I wouldn’t simulate the flight to Mars (that would be a long flight with no action at all).

But the Mars itself would be possible to create realistically, with the same technique as they created earth in msfs.

Tbh I wouldn’t mind a space simulator. I’m surprised nobody ever made a proper one before. It’d be cool to pilot the space shuttle to the ISS at some point.

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The flight to Mars is the best part of the Journey, hell once you get there is just a big red rock lol. But there is a speed up the mode for the the long trip between earth and mars, and there is or was a mod called Real Solar System the seemed to model the planets pretty good.

Plus and this is a big PLUS…you have to build what you fly LOL!

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Maybe the new Mars Sim should come with a “USB Stasis Probe”. Just after launch, you turn control over to the AI Co-pilot then shove the stainless steel probes into your ears. The computer then simulates putting you into stasis. When you arrive at Mars the probes generate a low amperage, high voltage stimulus to awake the brain so you can take control for landing.

Literally nothing on the planet save for a couple rovers on complete opposite ends

Runs at 5 fps

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