Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Doesn't Work!

I have installed and configured the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick on my computer and have been using it for years on the FSX Steam Edition. However in the new Flight Simulator the joystick does not work.

Can someone help me?

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I can’t get my VKB-SIM Gladiator to work either even though windows and FS see it.
I set it as default and saved twice.

Having the same issue! Not to mention that the program is so slow.

We can only hope for a solution

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Do you use the same Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick? How can, a Microsoft peripheral that doesn’t automatically work on Microsoft’s game!?!?!? kkk

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I remember buying that years ago. Support for it is non-existent. I would recommend you get something else.


Following this post. I have the same problem. Great joystick but no support.

I have mine working as you can go into setting and program it manually but it’s quirky and at times not fun to fly with. Think MSFT will add support for it? We can only hope? I can’t figure out where to do the fine-tuning though.

The Joystick works alright when mapping it correctly as @rollo1002 had shown. Sensitivity and deadzones also need to be manually configured in addition to just the mappings.

What I really want to see is also some force feedback support, to feel the forces applied on the plane. I see that these guys are going to be working on this relatively pricey plugin for FS 2020:

No release window published yet though.

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There’s a wishlist topic you can vote on about force feedback support:

I definitely upvoted it because I want to see it, too!

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At the moment, XP force is the way to go. Works for me with the Logitech G940, but watch out for an updated FS force. I would jump ship in an instant.

Try to use mapping function. I t does work fine on fs2020 except no forcefeed back when landing and stall.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve already used this mapping function and it’s working. Only the forcefeed back that doesn’t really work … a shame! : (

I have a MSFT FF2 stick. All the mappings are correct as far as I can see in the Controller screen. Using the config/mapping screen, I can see that FS perfectly registers the movements of the stick in all axes and switches. I have made no alterations to sensitivities or deadbands.
The sim is still unflyable with the joystick, because…
Using the internal cockpit view of the aircraft control yoke, I can see that the controls do NOT follow the movements of the stick in the 3 axes. Starting from neutral, move joystick left, aircraft yoke moves to left (good). Centre joystick, aircraft yoke remains full left (bad). Move joystick now full right, aircraft yoke comes off full left and over to full right. Centre joystick and the aircraft yoke remains at full right deflection.

So the sim is not positioning the aircraft yoke in response to joystick position, although the controller config screen confirms that FS is seeing precisely where the joystick position is.

Flummoxed (and grounded)…

I found a solution. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick. But I still don’t why I couldn’t get the the MSFT FF2 to work, since many others didn’t hit the same problems.

I have one too…just realized mine doesn’t work on the FS2020…bummer !

My MSSFF2 is working just fine, nice feeling on the controlls, but everything needs to be mapped in the controls setup, before it works. It does not work like PnP, since Asobo/Microsoft did not put in the profile.
No Force Feedback yet :frowning:

Not sure if this is helpful but MSFS2020 recognized and properly reads my old Sidewinder 2. I did need to assign the controls. Force feedback does NOT work, however.


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It s works fine for me…with MSFS2020….and with force feedback of course…using XPforce fir flight simulator…9€

Hi, Sorry, dont want to bumb this but i do not see an option to start a new topic on the top of the page, should bne to the right under the banner next to the notificationbell but its not?

Mine did work fine right from the start and was correctly configured by the game, until i wanted to change a button to a diferent function, but it did not have the desired effect, so i wanted to revert the settings for the stick to default, but instead it deleted the whole profile the game had made for the stick.

So now the stick is useless because i can not figure out what button function went where, and been busy for a while now trying to get everything to work but so far still mis function i can not find or that work incorrectly.

I have already tried unpluging the stick, deleting the appdata/local/flightsimulator folder content, starting the game, and than plugging the stick back in and both selecting deafault or configure made no difrence, the stick still didnt configure it self.

Uninstalling the game, deleting the instalation folders etc. of the game, and reinstalling it.

But still the game wil not configure the stick and all the fields stay empty :frowning:

Getting really desperate now to get this fixt but so far nothing seemed to work, as it seems it loads the configuration file from an unknow location on my computer or it synchronizes the configuration files from a “online” cloudsafe location.

Does anyoneone know how to restore the games default configuration for the stick? or where it stores these files? (because than i can maybe use a friends XboxGamepass for PC to install the game on his PC and hook mmy stick up so it configures it and copy the files to mine)