Mid-distant Scenery non-existent

By default startup type - manual

Xbox Accessory Management Service - XboxGipSvc - Manual
Xbox Live Auth Manager - XblAuthManager - Manual
Xbox Live Game Save - XblGameSave - Manual
Xbox Live Networking Service - XboxNetApiSvc - Manual


When your game is running, do these appear as “running” or “stopped”?

Xbox Accessory Management Service - Stopped
Xbox Live Auth Manager - Running
Xbox Live Game Save - Stopped
Xbox Live Networking Service - Stopped

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This is before starting MSFS and nothing changes after doing so.

task manager:




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Interesting. Mine were all off.

Haven’t tried running only the “Xbox live auth manager” though, so will give that a go.



Update just dropped, and its back baby!! Better than before even!!!

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That’s great !, could you post some screenshots so that we can see what you were expecting ?

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Soooo darn pleased the sim is back!!

You bet i can DC!! Pics coming up!

Ive never seen it so good. Scenery stretching for miles and miles.

No one knows how happy i am right now.

And i am well aware i sound childish, but i just dont care :wink:


And what was the solution now?

So what, exactly, fixed it — the latest beta update from a couple of days ago or todays’s AIRAC update?!

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The solution was, to let the god of the unknwon intervene.

Crazy! I have zero clue what changed. Baffled.

One thing to note from last nights simming (which was awesome), was flying in the F18 my speed suddenly went to “2400kt”??? It litrally went nuts! The plane was almost being ripped apart!! Then the scenery couldn’t keep up, and i hit a blurry bit again! Rebooted, and it all went away, and came back to amazing!

Its weird feeling, because i feel like a could literally sneeze and re-break the game. Its quite unnerving really.

But hay, i am not moaning, it worked, and that shows its at least heading in the right direction. It was so glorious!

It seems the latest little update turned things around.

The solution was…to wait :wink:

People still waiting for those screenshots… :smiley:

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Coming up shortly today. Working at the moment unfortunately. ;-(

EDIT: I’l be honest with you, I was literally scared to enable geforce screen-grab yesterday, just in case it reverted things back to horrible status.

But, im feeling a little more confident today, so its bombs away when i get home :wink:

Oh also to note: There was a windows 11 update yesterday, and an AMD one too.

Who knows whats what.

This previous set of comments aged beautifully, like fine wine, now been sipped with delicious olives and feta cheese! :wink:

(TOLOWTERRAIN723) Said the following to me…

My guru, and modern day prophet, thanks my friend for all your help and support, you were spot on!

Im very happy to hear that you are back up and running.
This is a hairy topic here because if you criticize the game, you risk some hard-core MFS fan jumping straight at your jugular vein. But im gonan say it.

What happened to Cornhole2840 is just not acceptable. I’m sorry, but thats how i feel. You cant have that level of inconsistency in performance between one user and the next. Its no wonder there are endless discussions here as to wether the game is running fine or not. For some users it does run fine! sure! but for others it runs like crap.

The game should more consistent. Im not saying 100%. Just a little more solid.
My feelings.

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I am REALLY curious where this thread is going to go from here on… :smirk:

New york at 275 TLOD

Better pics coming asap. Just testing in VR. The signs are good.