Military jets and helicopters

still looking for military jets and helicopters. the f16, f14, f22, JSF-35 and f18 for msfs 2020.

also i have alot of friends who fly helicopters and it would be great for sightseeing especially like vegas area and grand canyon tours and such so we need helicopters. i think it would get alot more people in msfs 2020.


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they said for 2022. Its in the backlog or whatever they call it.

I have moved your request out of Wishlist into General Discussion. In the Wishlist section, only one wish per topic is allowed per the category rules:

There are already some requests for specific aircraft, and you are welcome to vote for them, or you can create a new topic for a specific aircraft if one does not already exist.

In the devs Q&A, they said it is very hard to do helicopters. The long time delay (over a year) is not so much due to lack of effort, but to the difficulty implementing it.

So I’m afraid pushing it up a wish list is not likely to help much anyway. Which is a great pity.

They can barely do planes too at this rate.


How about they fix the planes that came with the $120 package first?


I totally second that.


Check out IndiaFoxTecho’s Aermacchi MB-339. Even though it’s only a subsonic trainer, it’s real good fun to fly NOE. And it’s faster and more manoeuverable than anything else available currently.
Also has a nice cockpit with a decent startup procedure and of course the great view you only get from a bubble canopy.

you can get it via ORBX, simmarket and the Marketplace. (ORBX is cheapest)

I was hoping for a high quality payware version of the Patrouille de France Alpha Jet.
IndiaFoxTecho also gave us S-211 and MB 326 for free.

Well … the MB339 looks absolutely terrific in Patrouille de France livery :slight_smile: And although I’m a big fan of the Alpha Jet and was a bit sad when the Luftwaffe retired them, I think, the MB-339 is actually prettier.

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In the ingame marketplace? Cannot see it there… :blue_heart:

The free F-18 port is still working for me… non-functional cockpit but in the normal speed regime it behaves pretty nice… :blue_heart:

Sorry. My bad. Bought it via Orbx myself