Milviz 80-R-72 WIP Previews

It’ll be coming “soon”


"HTML/JS and it’s renderers are superior when it comes to 2D graphic rendering. "

Easier? Perhaps. Superior? Lol no.

There’s a reason C++ is the de facto language for any game or graphics intensive project.

“You can get a lot done very quickly in a simple standard way without the need for compiling and which is known by a great deal of people.”

This makes it good for rapid prototyping. It does not make it suitable for an environment such as a high-performance, high fidelity, simulator. The goal is not speed of development, but system performance.


Can you guys talk about this in private messages or another thread? It has been asked multiple times now.

I keep expecting updates on the ATR and just see redundant discussions about things the devs have already made clear.


Any news? So excited for this!

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I think everyone here is curious about the ATR but I’m also sure that MILVIZ will share any news when they feel the time is right :wink:


Just avionics …


As someone who has taken the task of writing a hardware accelerated 2D graphics API from scratch which has nearly double the performance of NanoVG in many areas and provides flexibility in supporting far more than just 2D vector but high performance raster and mixing of 3D and 2D, nope, HTML and JS actually limits us more than helps. I’ll clarify that my setup is not exactly pure C++ (there are shaders involved as with anything GPU related), but the way we are sandboxed is not helping us achieve what we desire.


Does this have anything to do with the MilViz ATR?


Yes actually, it does. though @MVJBSA isn’t supposed to talk about that stuff.

In order to guarantee good frame rates… we can’t use the default systems…. Not with everything else that’s going on.

So… we had to find a way…


This is the way…

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Milviz did a ‘state of the sim’ video speaking about the progress of the ATR from about 8 mins 30 seconds in:


Man, it sucks that Asobo made it so restricted for the third party developers. What’s the point of that? Or is it just that Asobo is an inexperienced company when it comes to simulators?

So, what is the conclusion? Delays ahead, or good news?

They are moving ahead but it’s not delayed as they didn’t give a date

Asobo were probably forced to implement every DRM restriction 2020 had to offer into their software. They only do what they are told to and release what they are allowed to release.

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Ok so now I’m really impressed by the statement from Jörg in todays Q&A session. He said the Asobo ATR will be “expert level” whatever this means because until now not any of the released Asobo planes is near expert or study level. They are very simple in terms of systems. So maybe there will be at least some competition to the MILVIZ version :wink:
Ok to be honest I’m not that much impressed by the statement because Hans Hartmann is working on the aircraft and he is not known for doing basic stuff. He comes in when serious system simulation is needed/planned like we have in the Aerosoft CRJ :smiley:

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Ok… we will stop working on ours.

The summary I read of your last live stream said you guys were going to scrap and redo the model, so this saves you guys a bunch of rework :grin:

On more serious note, Hans doing work for Asobo explains why nothing is modeled on the Twin Otter.

You didn’t even watch it? Come on man…


I didn’t know it was happening until it was over!