Milviz 80-R-72 WIP Previews

This looks awesome!

As I’m not all that familiar with your existing product lines, I’m curious: will this plane aim to be a “study level” plane? I know the definition of that can be a bit contentious… but what I mean is, do you guys aim to simulate systems to as great of a detail as possible, to the point where you can use the operations manual to figure out what to do, and expect the systems to behave as described? Or are you aiming to strike more of a balance between realism and ease of use? :slight_smile:

you can bet :wink:


I wonder if Milviz or Asobo’s version will release first, the race is on lol. Looking forward to this one.

If I had to guess I would say the Asobo one but it is just a guess :slightly_smiling_face:

The Asobo one will be free?

Why would the Asobo ATR be free?
The 40th anniversary edtion planes will be free [Official Discussion] Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase Announcements . The ATR is not included.

Sry, all of this is OT, since this thread is about Milviz.


I would say Asobo since they give out the last update about their atr

I am more confident we’ll see Asobo’s ATR before the end of the year, not so sure with Milviz due to the lack of updates but it’s all about getting it right I suppose.

wish we could see an ATR before the summer ends but…

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A man can dream!

As long as the fms is useable on an ipad either with a native app that comes with the ATR like the FBW a320 has or it works with aviaCDU, I’ll be happy. Makes flying airlines much more realistic and its easier than looking down in the cockpit constantly

Cant wait to see it in a Bahamasair livery


I bet Asobo’s ATR will be released first

And your point is? I’ll be buying the Milviz ATR. Milviz has a great track record in MSFS to date and I am sure their ATR will not disappoint. A bit off topic but I’m really looking forward to their 737-200.


This is possible. But it’s primarily about the quality of the ATR. And you can only judge that when you’ve tested both. Never trust the taste of other pilots.

That’s why I’ll definitely buy both variants and the one I like better will then stay in my hangar.

So it doesn’t matter to me which ATR is released first :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any updates/news/ETA on this one?

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Nothing at this time.

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Thanks for letting us know, is the airplane coming along nicely or you are bogged down?

It’s coming along nicely. We are not bogged down.


Glad to hear! Can’t wait for it! Keep up the good work.