Milviz 80-R-72 WIP Previews

The brown cockpit was only in the old ATR variants, the newer ones have the “Airbus Blue” :slight_smile:

Yes I noticed that. Shame really. Maybe they should all get together… :thinking: Lol. Not happening.

The pics show a brown. I’ll take it !

Sorry… looks brown until you zoom in. What a shame.

Pretty sure someone will do a mod.

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I LOVED that plane. <3

Completely agree, brings back memories …


The outside looks great but the cockpit looks like its FSX! It needs to be improved to the new standard we expect in MSFS, hopefully this will happen.


If you are referring to the cockpit in pic above you, yes, thats FSX. But how do the MSFS shots look like FSX? :thinking:

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This aircraft is highly sought after and highly needed within the platform to start filling these gaping holes. It’s encouraging seeing so many aircraft in development. I needed this plane in my hanger since last year lol.


I WAS going to get it, until the replies from the developer to other people and myself were just plain rude and arrogant (on FSElite). There’s a difference between defending your product and being rude. ZERO customer service.

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Oh boy. I remeber that. And remember being amazed how real looking flight sim had gotten :slight_smile:


It’s a screenshot from FS9 (FS2004), not FSX.

I was pretty happy with the graphics back then, but they look really bad now in comparison to MSFS.

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You said:

Cant wait for this one, I know WIP, but them tires need to get that dirty treatment ha!

Colin agreed with you:

Yeah… we know…

Your reaction:

Wish that comment they replied with was more customer service focused and less arrogant… more respectfully informative.

I’m in business myself… I wouldn’t dare to reply soo blandly to our customers. I really hope that’s how it just came across… because I really did enjoy their king air. And I do not want to put them on the “won’t give them my money” list.

Someone else asked:

To be fair, I’m not sure what do you find arrogant in Colin’s comment.


“Yeah…We know…” isn’t really a great response to my comment as they are the developer and I am the customer. But anyway let’s not dive too deep into it shall we.
Yes and my comment makes it clear that I’m aware of that and thought I would just point it out… then the developer went all rude and sour. Terrible.

I was admiring it and even states couldn’t wait for it. But their responses are just plain rude.

After that temper tantrum for whatever reason Colin replied again:

Please. Put us on your “won’t give us your money” list. We don’t want it.

Your reaction:

WOW. That’s disgusting behaviour from a developer.

Do you REALLY wonder???

I mean, this is on another website and actually doesn’t belong here but as you come here and accuse them the whole story should be correct and complete :wink: I’m not the greatest fan of MV’s business decisions and their forum either but THIS was TOTALLY on you, Colin didn’t do anything except agree without kissing your ***, given that this is a NEWS website, not their forum.


Well this will certainly be a day one purchase for me. It’s one of those planes thats really well suited with the scenery MSFS offers! And of course loving prop planes and having flown (as pax) on ATRs helps alot :smiley:

I haven’t tried any product from milviz so far, are they good? Is it study Level?

That thread got featured on a MSFS stream I’ve been watching this morning. Further down, the MilViz guy continues to have some very strange, questionable and unprofessional responses to other posters as well. I can see why it might affect people’s decision as to whether or not they’re going to buy the plane.

The plane itself looks pretty cool - not sure if it’s one I’d buy or not because I seem to lean towards more simple GA planes and bush planes, but I am interested in eventually getting something more a bit involved.


I don’t dig the whole “study level” term as that is just highly subjective (depending on what you mean by that), but MilViz generally offers high fidelity simulations. Meaning, the performance is generally on point with the aircraft, systems are implemented nicely, there are usually a few consequences to improper operation… in other words, within what’s possible in the sim (whether it’s P3D or MSFS), they are right up with names like PMDG. They don’t really cover the same type of stuff PMDG covers, so it’s no use to compare, but I have yet to be disappointed with any of the 4 products of theirs I bought. At this point, they are on my auto-buy list because whatever they do is likely to be VERY good. Even if it’s an aircraft I may not fly all the time (Corsair), I know it’s great to have because when I AM in the mood to fly something like that, their stuff won’t disappoint. Things like their Porter, KingAir, or E180? Well, I fly them ALL the time. Currently doing a tour of Greece in the Porter.


yeah to me too (I post there with the Marc O’Eland alias) but to me it’s obvious that after what he had to swallow before he took it totally wrong and I got a frustrated response after quick and superficial reading. What he was thrown at was totally childish from the first moment.

Fully agree. Well, PMDG is a bit further up the ladder in my rating but I’m biased lol. The Kingair was and is really absolutely stunning and the P3D Porter was one of my favourite P3D4 addons many months. I haven’t tried their products in MSFS yet because I can’t find any pleasure in the sim’s taildragger behaviour but I’ll definitely support them in the future. They don’t bow before anyone submissively but they create great addons and they do help you if you have problems and behave like a human being.


I have their king air too, it’s not about bowing submissively… it’s about how you respond and build relationships with customers. Everyone has their opinion and based on how they responded to others, it was all pure arrogance.

His response wasn’t agreeing. It was: “Yeah…We know…” that’s more of being cheeky in my books. It’s unprofessional. I stand by all my comments.

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I can say from following their Corsair development and thread on this forum, and then purchasing the Corsair, they do listen to feedback and provide good support. Colin seems to have some sarcasm in his replies, but they always followed through and did a great job improving the Corsair. I have no problem with a dev having some personality and showing it when talking to customers / potential customers. In the end they follow through and made a great product.

Aerosoft is the one I’m not sure I’d give my money to again based on how they treat their customers. Not trying to compare apples to oranges but they’re much worse than Milviz when it comes to customer interactions… Milviz has never come off as A-holes even if their replies are a little non-traditional, they seem more playful than arrogant. This ATR looks awesome and I would definitely consider buying it.