Milviz 80-R-72 WIP Previews

To be fair your original comment with the ha! at the end could have been taken as a cheeky comment as well. However as we’ve all learned, things don’t always translate well through text.

It was you who had a fit from a 3 word comment, and quite frankly after seeing your two paragraph fit about their 3 word comment, I’m not surprised they said what they said about not wanting your money. You might expect developers to be professional 100% of the time, but that’s a bit unreasonable considering they are human.

To me it sounds like Milviz is like “if you want to buy our product, fine, if you don’t, that’s fine too.” They don’t seem like ones to bow down and kiss your bottom just to get a sale.


That was to lighten the mood so they don’t think I’m being harsh it was just a little laugh.

You guys can try justify how they responded but based on how they replied to other people, clearly they have an attitude problem.

There was nothing wrong or hostile about my initial comment.

Frankly, I think you totally over reacted. I would have told you to take your money elsewhere as well.


I disagree, I think they’re totally arrogant considering their responses to other people. And from what a lot of people have said, they’re known for it. That’s fine I will take my money elsewhere, it’s not my business getting stained.

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Really looking forward to this bird! Never had the chance to fly one in the previous sims, so it really interests me. Love the photos, keep them coming!

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Looks absolutely amazing!
This is, together with PMDG’s planes, my most anticipated plane for MSFS, I can’t wait for it to be released :smiley:


¿¿??? Some users in these forums need to check their eyes.


Thanks for your review! All what you described is exactly what I am looking for. I can imagine definitely buying the upcoming product :blush:

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And liat / caribbean airlines island hopping for me too. Buying with eyes closed!

Me neither, but it’s 2021. People should know that simple posts can have a major impact on the community / sales.

I think we should stop this convo now. All has been said and everyone had their personal reasons to.
Lets enjoy the nice pictures of the ATR, everything else is absolutely offtopic here.


Nice, but shouldn’t they finish the PC-6 first?

If they didn’t add another single feature to the PC-6 then it would still be a great addition to anyone’s hangar…plus, different projects, at different stages of development use different people and skill sets.

The ATR really wasn’t on my radar, but I think I will probably pick it up. It should be a decent cargo hauler for NeoFly etc.

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They probably have different dev teams for different projects, dont worry.

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It’s fairly well-known that different MilViz aircraft have different designers/people working on them. They also have C310 that’s actively being worked on, and from my recollection, the SR-71 is making progress as well. So is the Beaver.

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I’ve been really interested in the C310 and now their ATR. Hopefully we get both this year / early next year. There is a lack of high quality aircraft for MFS currently and their Corsair is one of the few that exist. I knew nothing of Milviz before the Corsair but I’m impressed with it.

Looks excellent, I can’t wait to hear more about this bird :slight_smile:

Please allow me to second this - waiting the last 14 months for a proper ATR in Binter livery has been unbearable!

The Canary Islands are my favourite place in the world and I regularly do UK-Canaries flights in the A320 (or the Aerosoft CRJ with a stopover in Lisbon, Porto or Gibraltar) - though the freeware A330-900neo is keeping me going shuttling back and forth for the moment.

I’ve been desperate to do some real-world Binter flights between all the islands - hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer!


Have you seen the Voyager pack by FSAcademy? It’s quite excellent and includes a Bush Trip through all of Canaries that’s REALLY well-done along with 6 other Bush Trips in some cool places (Florida, New York, Alps, New Zealand, some other stuff)… if you like the Canaries and are into the Bush Trips, it may be right up your alley. :wink:

Oooh thank you - I have heard of the Voyager pack but didn’t realise there was a Canaries bush trip included in it!! I’ll check that out!

Am hoping we hear some more about Orbx’s Canaries Regional Pack which they mentioned in their 2021 Roadmap back in April, though I’ve seen no mention of it since.

Once that comes along, hopefully we’ll have much better scenery to fly the ATR about in!


Absolutely! I am looking forward to the Orbx pack as well… That Bush Trip was sweet… there is a sense of journey when you travel around and between all the islands with the last landing feeling a little bittersweet. If you use live weather like I did and time it right, you can end the journey at dusk when the sun it setting. It’s magical. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you do too! The Bush Trips use the default C172 (G1000 version) but… that can be easily changed by editing the file and putting in a different aircraft.

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