[Milviz] - Military Visualizations Bell UH-1 Huey

You guys might want to get in touch with MSFSAddons and have them update their post to correct that bit.

Looks awesome. Be interesting to see what other helicopters are in development as we lead up to the release of native chopper physics in the sim.

If you love the Huey, watch from 22:13 - there was a party of Huey there.

I’m gonna play the whole Creedence catalog while flying this.


About 12 minutes into this is probably where it came from: Milviz C310 Release Party!!! - milvizofficial on Twitch. What’s that guy know though?

We’ve asked them for help on integrating our own FM. Not having them do one for us… but who knows what may happen down the line.

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This soundtrack would be perfect!

I’ve read multiple books from Huey pilots during Vietnam, and each book always made me wish I could actually visualize and use the controls. This will be the closest to that I will ever be able to do. I’m truly excited about this product and hope it will release before this December when my MS gift card expires.