[Milviz] - Military Visualizations Bell UH-1 Huey

Not sure where you got your info from…

UH-1D variant performed its maiden flight in 1961. This helicopter has its original body stretched, increasing the capacity to 15 persons (including crew) and quickly removable doors and side panels allowed to use it in the ´doors-off´ configuration, such a well-known from the Vietnam War movies.

Federal Republic of Germany was among the countries that, driven by the operational success in Vietnam, ordered UH-1D helicopters in mid-1960s. The first batch was received in the spring of 1966 and those ´Hueys´ were yet produced by Bell. Starting 1967, all German UH-1s were licence-manufactured in Germany, by Dornier company. The production in Germany was ceased in 1981, with 345 rotorcraft made in total.

Basicly Bell UH-1D where used in Vietnam by us army, Dornier UH-1D where used by german army.


there ya go - two things can be true at the same time, more or less

I did a few low level training missions in RAAF Huey’s on Fraser Island in the army, but jumping out into mud and sinking in a few feet all geared up wasn’t as much fun as the flight thudding through the valleys at tree top height. The crews thought it was funny though!

Parachuting out of Thai military ones @ ~7k at a world meet was more fun (swapping with twin packs).

Looking forward to the virtual one!