Milviz PC-6 vs. Asobo PC-6

How do these compare? Which version is the one? Thanks

Asobo one is a bit loose compared to the other defaults, texture quality isn’t quite there in spots and the systems are incomplete (not inop as such, e.g all the breakers operate but not all do what they say).
Flies fine enough, though apparently has non animated control surfaces and can’t do the beta decent properly, haven’t checked these myself.

It really does seem like an abandoned payware product that was released for free, likely to prevent competing with milviz and fsg.

I’d expect modders will have a field day with this one so who knows how it’ll develop.

Milviz one is great, Flys nicely and quite easy to trim out and hand fly, does the beta decent thing, very nice feeling flight model overall.
Decent enough systems depth, has engine damage and hot start etc modelled which is cool. Nice dynamic cargo display and extras / opening doors etc as expected of payware.
Textures are pretty good, better than the Asobo effort at least.

Can’t beat the price of the Asobo one but I’d recommend the milviz if you’re serious about the plane.


I don’t have the Milviz but will agree with Squibby on the Asobo one. I have the Got Gravel mod… makes it better than it default but still lacking some personality.

It needs a tail wheel lock desperately. Landing is very squirrelly.

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?? wich one ? where can I find it ?

One is free, the other is not. The Milviz is going to be modeled with a bit more detail and for novice users, they may not be able to tell the difference.

Going to be? The Milviz version was released quite a while back. Are you thinking of the FSG one that is supposedly coming eventually?

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You can’t compare them.
MilViz one has all systems fully simulated. Asobo is more arcade.
MilViz has better flight model/characteristics
MilViz has a lot of external elements and animation like doors, door trap, ballast, passengers…

But I think it’s normal, one is paid DLC the other one is free


the Asobo Porter Realism Mod is available on the Got Gravel Discord server, under free gravel mods / beta files :wink:

I’ve never undestand how Discord works, but I will try to find it.

And how would you know this? I am guessing you own both or maybe flown the real thing?

Thanks for all of your opinions, guys. I was thinking of getting the Milviz one when Asobo said they were including one with the SU7 update. Now that the comparison has been done, I’ll plop my money down on the Milviz Porter.


Own both and flight some real planes

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feel free to send a pm if you are stuck!

Here’s a direct link to their Discord. Look in the beta-files section. It’s easy to spot.

Would have been interesting to see how the Asobo porter may have turned out had it been completed and sold. It looks like it was intended to have a very high level of systems depth.

For all the talk of flight models being vastly better they both fly pretty easy (once I got my sensitivities dialed in) , the only thing I saw that was lacking was proper beta decent, unlikely most people would notice unless they flew the real thing (and even then its debatable).

I do hate the way they modeled the propellor blur though. It looks like a hard edged translucent polygon and really ruins the visuals for me.


Totally… not sure why, but this is the first time I see someone mentioning it. it looks terrible indeed. Cannot wait for a mod for this.

The beta on Milviz is also not that “proper” since MSFS does not support it natively, Milviz is using an invisible spoiler deployed in certain conditions to induce drag.

I bought the Milviz Porter last night, after waiting to see what the Asobo version would be like. Two things I could not find in the Asobo cockpit that are immediately visible in the Milviz: trim indicators for rudder, elevator and aileron and a flaps indicator. Maybe they exist in the Asobo plane, but I could not find them … (except elevator trim on the analog version).
And the ugly prop disc on the Asobo was a real downer as well, always right there in your face :wink:

I own both Porters and although I prefere the Milviz version I dont feel the Asobo textures are worse.
The are (in my opinion) more detailed. (i’m refering to the exterior)


I found the Interior ones are a bit hit and miss generally, but yeah that prop disk is horrid.
I long for the day we can get prop visuals like DCS.

One of the best MSFS addons, you shouldn’t be disappointed. She flies well. Put the Garmin NXi in it, it enhances the situational awareness in mountainous terrain with the relief map display.

She has tundra tires and skis models. A float version is announced as is a steam gauges version. Update will be free.