Minimum Spec's

My computer is above recommended and just below ideal spec’s. After update today I am getting a warning at log in that my comp does not meet ( min ) requirements and I may in-counter errors. Haven’t had a problem yet so have ms flight changed how it looks at my spec’s or are their new requirements.

Also today update has broken numerous things and I am disappointed.


It would have been great if you shared with us the specs.

W 10 I7 4790k 980 gp 32 g’s 500g ssd

Well, that is MS talking BS about your decent computer. Mine is far worse and it works at 45+ FPSs so don’t worry.

About the bugs… well, They are not fixing many bugs really so get used to that :frowning:
They are not fixing game-breaking bugs, and the game is full of them.
Cheers brother