Mise a jour

apres avoir effectué la mise à jour du25/11 impossible de demarrer flight simulator …

bnjr, j ai le meme probleme apres la mis a jours du 25nov et a chaque fois que je demarre mom msfs2020 la mise a jour ce refait a chaque fois >une idee comment fixer ca,merci

I have already encountered difficulties launching MSFS.

  • Once, MSFS did not run via the icon in the “Start” menu but worked when launching it via the Microsoft Store
  • It is also possible to go to “the start menu”, “Parameters”, “Applications”, click on MSFS and choose “Advanced options” and click on “Finish”.
    Check for proper operation or not.
  • If still problem. Go to the same menu but this time choose “Reset”.
    If the problem persists, rename your folder where the “community” and “official” folder is located. Relaunch MSFS which will re-download (it may take a long time depending on your Internet speed).