Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk

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Sent request for LEZG for third time to Zendesk

LEZG Zaragoza • Microsoft Flight Simulator is a phantastic free version of the airport, check it out…

Yes I use Airhispania since FS2004, thanks, but the question is why the second cargo airport and maybe the most important airbase in Spain is not in the default sim.

Airbases are rare due to military security aspects - known restriction. The missing buildings are a glitch of the autgen building engine and for sure not the only case in the thousands of airports. Might also be an issue of the bing map resolution in this area. Check it out and keep posting in zendesk…Regards Guido

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pour information
manque également CUERS-PIERREFEU (LFTF)

We are also missing Vagar airport (FAE) on the Faroe Islands, a notoriusly difficult airport to fly in to. I’ve been flying to (as passenger though) more than 30 times.

Yep, it was submitted in the first batch under its ICAO identifier EKVG.

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Hi! There is another kind of mistake: SBAC is totaly wrong! The city, the state, the location, the name of airport, all information are incorrect. It does not comply with the AIRAC 2103 cycle. As far as can be seen, the part of the ASOBO team responsible for the AIRAC base is not doing a good job.

Another airport that is missing is PAUN - Unalakleet Airport in Alaska

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LFDS - Sarlat-Domme in the Dordogne, France

I can’t believe after the French update they missed LFRH… it’s pretty major…

And LFOT… All military Airports are missing. It’s a bit disappointing and confusing. LFOT is military and civil airport. LFOT was in FSX and in XPLANE. It’s maybe because Bing data is pixelized.

I remember a guy who started to implement french missing airports and posted it on MFS forums, his post was deleted. I don’t understand why they don’t let people resolve this issue by themselfs. If it for some terrorist problematic, the sceneries already exist on Xplane with some addons.

Yes, it would sure be Awesome to see Eindhoven Airport in FS! Thanks for composing the list! :slight_smile:

Strangely the military airports are only pixeled out in Bing, in Gurgle Maps and Google Earth they are visible, except a few top secret locations.


In France, in google, it seems that all military zones are pixelized. LFRH is Lorient Bretagne Sud civil airport and Lann Bihoué military zone. LFRJ at Landivisiau is a military base (Pierre-Henri Chuet “ATE” on Youtube flown at this zone). Even Area 51 in USA is not pixelized, but LFOT Tours Airport is ! :sweat_smile: And you can go at Tours airport without camouflage, and there is no guys with guns to monitor. :crazy_face: Even the Alfajets school has moved, there is only a few Mirages 2000 sometimes for operations.

I’ve just seen google maps on Area 51, when you try to drop the little yellow guy on the map… He is in a flying saucer. :smile: Google has the eye of detail. Hope that Microsoft :us: and Asobo :fr: will have it soon.

Eindhoven Airport / EHEH - incl Custom Buildings » Microsoft Flight Simulator
Eindhoven Airport - EHEH » Microsoft Flight Simulator
is available if you are interested in a free handmade version in the meantime

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Hi, if you are interested, it’s pretty easy to get a version out of FSX instead of nothing. You can request it at flightsim.to

Thanks! I’ll check it out! :slight_smile: