Missing autogen buildings at major citys after SU5

A lot of buildings are missing from Edinbourgh and Oslo, i bet its a lot of other citys too. WIll keep updating this thread.

Yes, same here. Especially in VR I often don’t get any AI buildings in many areas. Around LSZH for example. Just terrible.
I created a topic about this, incl. a video:

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We’re getting throttled on bandwidth after we’ve been on a while. I can confirm this happened over Aarhus, Denmark, after I had been flying about 15 minutes. The Aarhus Cathedral was completely flat. I got out of the sim, deleted the previous way points from my flight plan, went straight to Aarhus, and it was there and actually looked pretty good. I went down to the southern end of the city, turned around and went back north, and when I got there it had been nuked again. If that’s not being squeezed on bandwidth, I’d like to hear another possible cause. Buy some servers.


same issue for me
Buiding autogen doesn’t work in Uk, France, Italy etc…

I am in the UK and have my server selection set to Auto usually. This means the 2 European servers are normally selected and almost always West Europe. The ping times on the 2 European servers are generally around 22-25ms.
I decided to force the North America server out of interest. This server had a ping of around 158ms. However, to my surprise, a village I fly over that often looks like plain boxes with no detail was now rendered just about perfectly. I could sometimes see the detail being added in the distance but the rendering didn’t stop at a simple box - it continued till the building was complete.
So, it looks like the faster European servers for me are the problem ones.

It begs the question, did they add all the Xbox traffic without any additional server capacity. If so, I am really not surprised that the increase in traffic is being throttled!

yes, missing or not completely formed.
see related below topic

really annoying, I bought this sim because autogen was more dense than any other existing sim…