Missing runway lights at large airports at night after long flights

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Runway lights sometimes don’t work in certain airport. It normally happens on a long flight when the destination was day time when i started, but night time when I arrive. Its happened at EGLL UHHH and WIMM as well as several others. In some cases the approach lights will be on but no runway lights. In most cases it happens on flight over 3000nm

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Fly a long flight that starts out in day time.

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i9-10900k, 3060ti, 32gb of ram, settings ultra 1440p

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either 9 or 10, not sure when it started

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Yesterday I flew for only 3 hours between EGPH and ENTC. For the first time ever when I was on approach to ENTC there were no approach or runway lights on only the taxiway edge lighting and apron floodlights there.
Today I fired up MSFS at ENTC and there was all the runway and approach lighting working perfectly.
I bought GSX Pro yesterday and wondered it had changed something in my sim but that is unlikely.
I have read others have had this happen. I will do other flights later and see if my arrival airport has approach and runway lighting.

It has changed the number of objects displayed. And that causes issues since SU10, which introduced, for whatever reason a hard object limit in Simconnect. If that is surpassed, no further objects will be drawn.
That means if you fly for example EHAM with AI Traffic enabled, and GSX running, you will likely reach that limit, and as a result the scenery at your arrival will not show up correctly. Missing lights, missing textures, missing buildings, all that can and will happen.

And since no one knows exactly what the object limit is exactly and under which circumstances it will be surpassed, the only option you have is to not use GSX, or AI Traffic at large airports with many custom objects for the time being.

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this happened to me today … I was landing blind! is this a known issue which has not been fixed?

It is a known issue, well at least known to the community, not sure if Asobo knows.
And therefore it has not been fixed.

Feedback logged : Azure DevOps Services | Sign In

Hello @CR6914,
Thank you for this report. This has now been feedback logged and a tag changed to #airport :+1:

Same here, but I don‘t have GSX!

I’ve got this happening me at Microsoft’s handcrafted Svalbard Airport ENVS, if I spawn at the airport on the apron or on the runway all the lights (apron, runway,taxiway, ils) will be on but if I fly there or simple spawn in the near the airport then no lights apart from a light at the threshold and a few lights near the terminal

Has anyone found any workaround for this? I fly a lot at night, but only stumbled upon this bug yesterday when landing on HECA. Maybe changing the time to night on the world map, before your flight and then setting it back to ‘real time’ before take-off could help?

This is a problem that is also happening a lot to me. I really want this to be fixed!

After some reading on other topics on this forum, I changed “Terrain Level of Detail” in “options” from 10% to 100%. Now it seems to work very well!

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Yup. Very annoying bug.
Getting it at some airports when flying into them - missing RWY lgts + some TWY lgts. If you start at the airport lgts are ok.
ENTC (MM Sim) I get it all the time…

This should be high on the fix list, imho.

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