Missions/Activities folder missing


I keep having the old issue with San Juan run activity, not being validated even if it was shown as completed.

I read about removing the save files for the related activity on the folder MISSIONS/ACTIVITIES.
But the thing is that my MISSIONS folder do not contain an ACTIVITIES folder, so I cannot remove anything there.
Is the activities folder moved somewhere else?

I have the boxed edition of the simulator
And I expected to find the folder here C:\Users[MY_USER]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\MISSIONS\

I did not notice any other issue further than this.

Thanks in advance!

After 6 months, I keep having the same issue.
Am I the only one who does not have this folder?

I guess you have the wrong path/folder, the correct information comes here, just look for the "microsoft-bushtrip-sanjuan¨ folder.

Another user reported the same issue:

Moved to User Interface & Activities that is more appropriate.

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Thanks! I will try what is suggested there.
By the way…your profile picture seems familiar to me.
EBGB based?

Nope… :slight_smile:

Found that bug report if you want to participate there:

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I did the -000001 thing, the bush trip was downloaded again after restarting the sim, but after completing the bush trip, nothing changed: 0% complete

Thanks anyway for your help! :+1:t4:

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Yes, re-starting does not fix the issue, that is why it has been reported as a bug. Hopefully it will be fixed in a next update.

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Hi Luismics,
There are also other ways to start again. Please look here:

Greetings Koschi

Thank you for your reply!