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We have some very exciting news. Coming very soon to Flight Simulator is FS ACADEMY - COMMANDER.

An announcement trailer has been posted on our newly revamped website:

This will be a step forwards for FS ACADEMY, with new features such as instrument highlights and random failures.

Keep your cool in the face of adversity. FS ACADEMY - COMMANDER will arm you with the framework to deal with anything fate throws your way, made by a real airline Captain.

Including emergency landings, system malfunctions, hazardous weather and more, COMMANDER will present you with challenging and authentic scenarios that will stretch your abilities. Use real-world procedures and techniques to manage a wide range of scenarios that push you to the limit.

Forge a robust failure handling process that enables you to calmly and methodically work through the task at hand, no matter what aeroplane you are flying, that will stay with you throughout your flying career.

Know what to do when the engine stops turning. Stay in control when your instruments freeze. Survive a dangerous ash cloud encounter. Deal with a landing gear malfunction and then go your own way and make your own decisions, putting everything you have learnt to the test.

It’s time to level up and step into the shoes of the Commander. Feel the weight of responsibility from the four stripes on each shoulder.

We start with a bang. Know what to do when the engine stops turning overhead the Isle of Wight. You will be introduced to failure management and will be shown how to select a suitable landing site. Follow the forced landing procedure to get us down safely.

A freezing sky above the Isle of Man wreaks havoc on your instrumentation and controls. Think outside the box to recover and stay in control before returning to land with limited options. Learn the fundamentals of the pitot and static systems and see how difficult flying becomes without them. Use rudder to control your aircraft after your ailerons succumb to the chill.

Shut down non essential systems as you desperately stretch out battery life so that you are not plunged into darkness before landing. Come to a decision using a structured failure management system to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

A jammed landing gear leg necessitates a discontinued approach for troubleshooting in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius. Run through your options before accepting fate and scraping down the runway centreline to a stop.

Step up to the Jetliners and navigate your way out of the international Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in thick fog. Make sure not to take a wrong turn as Air Traffic Control will notice. We will discuss the take-off procedure as we crawl to the runway in diminished visibility.

Once lined up on Paris CDG runway 27L, we set takeoff thrust and power through the fog up to flying speed. However all is not well after lift-off as our pitot systems become obstructed, forcing us to employ our Memory Actions to keep us on the rails. Sometimes the most difficult decisions are when everything returns to normal.

Lose an engine high above the Alps and see how our reduced performance forces us lower into thicker air. Complete the authentic engine failure procedure and communicate with the cabin crew and passengers as we drift closer and closer to the alpine landscape below.

A nightly occurrence in the European summer, fight your way between thunderstorms and achieve maximum climb performance to leap clear of the clouds and punch through to the clearer skies above. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you are reminded that not everything is within your control.

A rapidly escalating situation develops onboard in the dead of night. Your engines begin to choke as the realisation sets in that you are engulfed within a dangerous cloud of volcanic ash. Run the real procedures to escape the area as you feel the full force of nature against you.

An authentic recreation of US Airways Flight 1549. Based on the official NTSB report, experience for yourself the time critical decision making that was required of the crew in the cold January skies above New York. Combined with true to life weather, aircraft configuration, passenger loads, cockpit communications and ATC recordings, this is a fascinating look at the Miracle on the Hudson, but this time you are in the Captains seat.

A last-minute windshear alert from our Cessna 208 throws our arrival into Guernsey into jeopardy. Make your own choice of whether you reattempt the approach or to conserve fuel and head for your alternate immediately.

Now that the weather has cleared, we depart Jersey to reattempt our arrival into Guernsey. At some point between takeoff and landing a random scenario will be generated, leaving you to deal with the situation alone. Use everything you have learnt and roll the dice in this unique experience.

FS ACADEMY - COMMANDER is accompanied by a complete ground school manual, covering a host of topics to boost your background knowledge before you take to the skies.

This is your moment


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Sounds like this will be as good as everything else you have done! Great job and I am happy to see you making strides! Cheers!

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This link is giving me a go-around.

All previous FSA products have been great, very much looking forward to more.

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Thanks, issue fixed.
We’re in final testing now and will release to stores as soon as it’s ready, for them to process and make available soon.

Hi everyone,

In advance of the release, the COMMANDER manual is available right now:


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I expect the aircraft for each mission will be pre-determined? Just asking because I don’t fly airliners, so several missions won’t be for me then, right?

Could you give an indication of which aircraft was used for which mission, please?

David was kind enough to send me a review copy of Commander, so I will be evaluating it tomorrow and will post some first impressions. He always does great work, so I am sure it will be lovely. I will be able to share some details about missions and aircraft.


Check the manual posted above.


Hi there,

The skills you will learn in COMMANDER are universal and apply to all aircraft types.
Aircraft are set for each mission to suit the circumstances and the aircraft configuration and type.
Please see the manual (on our website for free) to see the briefing and ground school training elements for each of the 12 missions.

Hi Jeremy,

Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing what you think!
Please post a link here so that we can take a look.


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COMMANDER has been submitted to the stores to prepare for launch!
We are waiting to go through the processing for the in-sim Marketplace and intend to launch everywhere simultaneously once a date has been confirmed, which we expect to be in 1-2 weeks.

COMMANDER will have a range of new features, such as a more intelligent scoring system. Instead of awarding full points on completion, points will be deducted if instructor intervention or prompting is required. It’s not an advanced monitoring of your exact flight path but only if you complete the mission without help will you get full marks.

Also, instruments and controls will now be highlighted when being discussed, to help with finding them in the range of aircraft used.

This is combined with the existing features of fully voiced narration, on screen objectives, visual markers and full subtitles.


The Simhanger:

“Interesting and exciting”

“I’m a big fan of FS ACADEMY… but I gotta say, I think this is their best yet”

“The perfect balance between fun, training and excitement”

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Coming soon to ORBX: FS Academy Commander - Orbx