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Review from Swiss001. He tries out Wight Knuckle, Spanner in the works and Brimstone.

“Really fun. Very cinematic. Very professional”

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This guy seems like a cocaine decisions kinda guy. (Frank Zappa reference). :wink: The product is great!

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See a fly through of 01. Wight Knuckle by Tennshadow:

Potential Spoilers

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Hoping for a Marketplace release TODAY :crossed_fingers:

UPDATE: MS server troubles also are stretching into Marketplace releases. We were advised to expect a release yesterday, then today, but we still await it.

We’ll post here as soon as we know more

COMMANDER is now available from the in-game Marketplace!

Find us in the ACTIVITIES-TRAINING section.
Get the manual and support from www.fsacademy.co.uk/commander

Let us know what random scenarios you get in 12. High Roller and what decisions you make and why!


Hi everybody,

Happy Christmas

I hope that you can have a good time today whether with family and friends or flying solo. Lots to look forward to in the coming year, exciting times ahead.

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We’re pleased to announce that completing your FS ACADEMY line-up is now easier than ever and at around 40% off.


The complete FS Academy training collection for Flight Simulator 2020.

From taking your first lap of the airfield circuit to dealing with emergency scenarios in an airliner, FS Academy will teach you every step of the way.

Included in the ZERO to HERO bundle is the full, critically-acclaimed FS Academy line-up of authentic training missions, brought to you by a real airline Captain. Learn how to operate a light single engine aeroplane with VFR.

Go and explore cross-country flying in NAVIGATOR.
Discover the skills and techniques of flying on instruments alone with IFR.
Step up to the heavy metal in JETLINER before tackling the challenging and time critical emergency scenarios in COMMANDER.

Included with ZERO to HERO, in the suggested order of completion:

Learn the basics of visual flight including departure, circuit patterns, approach and landing, plus mountain flying and navigation exercises.

Dig deeper into visual navigation to broaden your horizons and embark upon cross-country navigation.

Keep the show on the road when the clouds roll in. An instrument flying course to arm you with the essential skills of IFR flight.

Master the critical aspects of operating the Airbus A320 from taxi out to taxi in.

Deal with emergency scenarios is a realistic and structured way. Ranging from engine failures, volcanic ash encounters, hazardous weather and much more.
Try your hand at the Miracle on the Hudson, with the true to life parameters, weather and ATC all combined for the most authentic experience possible.

Each pack contains 12 realistic and high quality training scenarios, totalling 60 challenging training missions.
An accompanying ground school manual is included for each pack, which can all be downloaded from FSAcademy.co.uk

You are assisted in flight in real time by your virtual instructor who will guide you through each tutorial and will notice any mistakes and present you with reminders.

This is supplemented by onscreen objectives, location markers, full subtitles and more to complete your experience. The culmination of years of development and refinement, this series contains the best and most comprehensive set of training missions for Flight Simulator, all in one bundle.

For existing students of the FS Academy range, ZERO to HERO allows you to complete your collection at a discounted price.

Your existing packs will automatically be discounted from the bundle. To buy each pack individually runs to approx $115USD. ZERO to HERO can be yours for 69.99USD (or equivalent in your region) or less if you already own some of the series.

Your time has come…