Missions like FSX

Would love something like this for MSFS. It’s beginning to become a little stale to be honest

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There are/was some job postings at Adobo for mission related content. I am guessing this would be in the form of paid DLC. Also Adobo has said before that mission packs will/could come from 3rd party developers. Also I assume would be paid DLC.

i would love to have the all FSX missions ported to FS2020, i know neofly and this kind of mods, but is just not the same, i remember enjoying so much the “Executive Tour” mission, and so on, but not only the missions, also all the Tutorials, they were so great and much deeper and the evolution from a ultralight, going to glider, piper, cesna until reach an airliner, was so great really


Hey there,

everytime when I start the simulator, I am really happy enjoying the nice graphics and learning new things about aircrafts.
But, actually I am a gamer.
I love playing games and I believe most of you out there love it, too.

So, especially when having a look at the XBOX release, there will be much more gamers entering MSFS.
So why don’t we have an animated campaign?
Rendered cutscenes, animated vehicles and persons, exciting chases, a thrilling story maybe aircraft damages, all this combined with the MSFS benefits.
There are so many possibilities to implement different sorts of missions then:

  • chases
  • rescue missions
  • pick up VIPs or gangsters
  • police or fire operations
  • and many more

I don’t have to shoot others down, like in DCS or Ace Combat, but I believe this is something, that could be awesome.


As @DonDone3153 said, he has created some rescue missions and they are GREAT! See the links above in his post. Next thing is to join the Flight Sim Break discord channel where Done Done “hosts” his missions and is steering it all up. This is as close you get to SAR missions as is possible today!

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So far, what we have in the game is a weak semblance of the powerful mission editor SimDirector in Prepar3D. And until the simulator has its counterpart, all attempts to recreate at least a semblance of missions from the FSX will be doomed to failure.
Therefore, I warmly support this topic and also look forward to a convenient scripting language.


“Careful on the way down, it’s nasty out there … Then again you probably already know that.”

There are a couple of mission packs on the Just Flight website. Not tried them out so can’t comment on whether or not they are worth the money.

There’s nothing to see there. It’s extremely simple " Challenging flights" with no dialogue or any triggers. We are being sold a ready-made kit for the lazy with a route already entered. It’s clearly not worth the money spent.


Okay. Shame. Thanks for the info. :slightly_smiling_face:

Missions and a Mission Editor would be great.


I would love most of the FSX missions ported to MSFS

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I think it’s a shame that MSFS came out lacking many fundamental features of FSX, such as missions, a learning center, and an intuitive GUI. It feels like they went backwards with things that were such an integral and defining part of the sim. Missions add an immersive element to the sim as well as a feeling of accomplishment after working your way up to more challenging missions. They provide an avenue to try new things (like landing on an oil rig or an aircraft carrier). I think the missions kept me loving FSX for many years, whereas I find it easy to become bored with MSFS. With the greatly improved scenery, flight model, and graphics of MSFS, it has the potential to provide unbelievably immersive scenarios. Missions are a must!


I liked missions in DTG FSW, like this one Flight Sim World: Epic Approaches Mission Pack: Gibraltar Level 3

MS Flight 2012 was also very good here - Alaskan Landing Challenges

The one thing i lament the most are the FSX Missions missing from MSFS. Even studios like Aerosoft were putting out quality mission packs with story lines and voice overs. How do we not have this capability in MSFS?

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I agree 100% with you WHERE ARE THE MISSIONS???

I have adressed this before , put it on a wishlist etc… No reaction…

Missions where specially the WEATHER is the main challenge … No interest … I had a big ■■■■■■■■■■■ Realism in this Sim... What about " Change the Weather and Day Time" whenever you want , wherever you are? just because i opened the discussion , why there isnt the possiblity to have weather challenging missins ( I mean , camon… “Weather” is the main challenge when flying !!..and you CANNOT just change it if you dont like it !) and FSX Missions had this as the main Challenge fo fly succesfull this missions…

That s actually one ofthe reasons i went back to other sims… FS2020 wery well done , grafics , planes, feeling, VR but Fun, Challenging Missions like traditianally since the beginning … Nothing !!! VERY VERY DISAPOINTED !!!

Just so everyone is aware, it IS possible to have missions like in FSX in MSFS 2020. Take, for example, my rendition of Resort Supply. I remade it to the best of my ability using tools I have available. The only thing it’s missing are the AI aircraft. Resort Supply Redone bush trip » Microsoft Flight Simulator

I’ve adapted over a hundred missions from FSX to Prepar3D, and without the powerful and handy SimDirecror, it would have been impossible. In doing so, I’ve fixed several to dozens of bugs even in default missions that only become apparent when the code is visualized. Manually editing xml files is like trying to understand disassembled code. Theoretically you can, but in practice it’s not worth the effort. I’ve already mentioned that until there is at least something of a SimDirector-like WYSIWYG editor, any attempt to create missions will be like trying to write a program in a HEX editor.

I hear you. :+1:

I’ve got literally over one thousand, I mean well over one thousand FSX missions that need to be done by the book or you fail and they are absolutely superb.

Not talking about bugs in msfs but this is one of, if not the biggest thing that’s missing from msfs content wise.
It is hands down, all the default FSX, Learning Centre and addon missions.

FSX - sold with 30+ missions
FSX Dlx - sold with 50+ missions
Then remember when acceleration came, another 30+ new missions.

Not to forget…
perfect flight: FS Apps, vol.1-3, A321 Lufthansa LH321, British Airway FOX(304 mission flights alone)
FSX Adventures: EasyJet, Aer Lingus, RyanAir, United, KLM and these are all Missions packs
Abacus: Commuter Xpress 2.
First Class Simulations: Around The World In 80 Flights .and they gave you a DC3 to do it, 2 was incl. 10C and 10E.
AirHauler… yeah, start with one aircraft and build your company… there is no other comparable product.!!

No chance, I can’t leave FSX, there’s just too many things that FSX gets right.
ATC, the flightplanner and it’s map filters, IFR/VFR/VOR, honestly the list is near endless.

I don’t want this to sound like a disrepect for the Asobo devs, but I just can’t find any other way to write/express what I feel is missing in msfs20.
For me, it’s at least another 2-3 years before we see the things I’ve mentioned.

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