MSFS missions

I would like to introduce you to my new Search and Rescue missions. Enjoy.


New mission.

Himalayas redemption story missions

  1. Prologue Himalayas Redemption: Prologue (Story mission part 1) Ā» Microsoft Flight Simulator
  2. Chinaware Himalayas Redemption: Chinaware (Story mission part 2) Ā» Microsoft Flight Simulator
  3. Far Way East
  4. Bad Currency Himalayas Redemption: Bad Currency (Story mission part 4) Ā» Microsoft Flight Simulator
  5. Night Bird Himalayas Redemption: Night Bird (Story mission part 5) Ā» Microsoft Flight Simulator
  6. East Queen Himalayas Redemption: East Queen (Story mission part 6) Ā» Microsoft Flight Simulator
  7. Homecoming Himalayas Redemption: Homecoming (Story mission part 7) Ā» Microsoft Flight Simulator
  8. Legacy + 9. Epilogue Himalayas Redemption: Legacy + Epilogue (Story mission part 8-9) Ā» Microsoft Flight Simulator

I am starting to accept mission requests. Submit your request to into scenery request (mission requirements should be added by administrators in the future).
Mark it as a mission so I can find it better and try to describe your request as much as possible so that I can best meet your expectations. I will create them in order according to the number of requirements and design options.

Mission request for you to do a Beaver island story board setting in late November using the default Cessna Caravan and b 1 Islander hauling passengers and cargo to keep the island running