MJU Murcia International Airport (LEMI)

Unfortunately I visited this international airport and it didn’t have ATIS, Ground, or even Tower.

Was just like an uncontrolled airfield with a “traffic” frequency.

LEMI is incorrectely listed as an airfield on the opposite side of Spain near Bilbao.

Murcia International is listed instead as MJU. Navaids are listed as 3 letter and every airport as 4 letter - except this one :rofl:so something is up at this airport.

LEMI is the ICAO of International airport of Murcia (RMU) and in game this ICAO is asigned to “Base aerea las navas”

That’s the reason we can’t choose procedures for LEMI (sid star and approaches)
Pls fix it and assign the correct ICAO code to International Airport of Murcia (RMU)

LEMI - Region de Murcia International

Located in Murcia, SPAIN


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This item was delivered in World Update 6 (

LEMI does not have an ATIS frequency: