Mod: Realistic A320 detents for the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant

Unfortunately the TCA quadrant has a rather narrow range for manual thrust.

So I created a mod with more realistic detents with CL, MCT, TOGA at around 25°,35°,45° from idle. That’s very close to the real thing.
In addition there is some resistance (not a real detent) for REV idle.

You can 3d-print your copy at shapeways

New vs Old

See the link above for decals matching the new detents that you can print out yourself.

It’s verified to work with the A32NX “Custom FBW” experimental version.

Set sensitivity to fully linear:

and use this for the ThrottleConfiguration.ini file as a starting point:

Log = true
Enabled = true
ReverseOnAxis = true
ReverseIdle = true
DetentDeadZone = 2.5
DetentReverseFull = -1.00
DetentReverseIdle = -0.90
DetentIdle = -0.5
DetentClimb = 0.22
DetentFlexMct = 0.75
DetentTakeOffGoAround = 1.00

wow… that looks amazing… I wish Thrustmaster hired you when they make this product.

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…and here, as in FF A320 Ultimate, to print yourself :

Thrustmaster TCA Detent Upgrade by StaceyAEH - Thingiverse

May I ask how do you install the detents inside the quadrant? I am kind of reluctant to the idea of opening the case without a guide.

It’s described on page 6 of the quadrant’s manual. Instead of turning the original one you replace it by this one.
2 screws out, 2 screws in, that’s it.

While we’re on this topic. Do you know how to fix the tensioning screw at the back? When I bought it, I find my throttle movement is very loose. And when I use the tensioning screw at the back, to my stupidity I turned it too hard and it broke. Now I can’t screw it anymore and my throttle feels like it’s on Ice coated with lubricating oil. If it wasn’t for the detents, I wouldn’t be able to hold my throttle in place.

I wonder if there’s a way for me to open the case and fix the tension or friction at this stage?

No idea unfortunately.

Someone did a YT video showing how to open a Airbus Quadrant, maybe this can help you. Replace the more realistic Thrustmaster TCA Airbus throttle engine switch [QuickMade] - YouTube

Thanks… I’ll probably do this when the FBW A380 is released. Then I can just get a second quadrant for engine 3 and 4. Then I’ll do this. that way, if I mess something up and it’s really broken, I still have the other quadrant as my main one.

it seems so that it doesnt work anymore.

Yes, since the latest update of MS the FBW version seems to be broken.

They’re not broken. They’re switched to a different way of doing it. You just need to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest update.

  1. You need to update your flybywire installer into version 1.1.3 or later.
  2. You need to delete all the A32NX folder mod from the community folder and the one outside of it in the packages folder.
  3. Use the flybywire installer to install the latest Experimental custom flybywire with custom AP.
  4. Follow this guide from 320 Sim Pilot on how to recalibrate your throttle using the new method.
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Thanks for the heads-up. Last time I tried it the old method did no longer work and the new one was not yet ready. Now it’s super easy to configure.

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thank you! it helped!

another question:
i have also the mod detent for the spoilers. how do u set the spoiler that it will arm the spoilers. i set the auto arm function already to button 31 but when i move the spoiler lever from the armed position one step then it deploys a little bit the spoiler.

I guess you need FSUIPC (I don’t have it), then you can get an idea how to setup with the recipe for FSLabs. Unfortunately I was not able to model an appropriate response curve with MSFS’s native calibration.

That’s why I set it this way.

After several iterations I updated the design.

  • the move up into the CL detent is a bit more pronounced than in the previous design
  • the bump that could be felt when moving down from CL (that happend to be near the old CL detent) is gone

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Me and a friend just ordered some of these, look forward to trying them out!

I have a 3D printer and would prefer not to wait a month or two… is there an option to print our self?