Mod: Realistic A320 detents for the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant

Just received my order of these detents by @hotbso.

They aren’t bad. They work… I ordered these with the hope they would have more feedback when dropping the levers into the detents (like the default detents) but alas they are about the same or slightly worse feeling than the ones I’d printed myself using the @StaceyAEH template. Though I don’t know if this is the fault of either designer. Also CL detent is a bit lower down giving less of a manual range.

Reverse idle ‘detent’ I don’t really get, doesn’t really provide any useful feedback at all to me except for making the levers harder to push out of full reverse.

Finish is much better than the ones I’d printed myself so can’t fault that :smiley:

Personally I think I’ll be going back to the ones I printed from this template. @LesOReilly4451 maybe you find this helpful?

Thanks Bobby!!

I downloaded them today as a matter of fact… But now trying to figure out why my Printer is doing ■■■■ work… Looks like I need to Level it again and maybe figure that out… Anycubic Mega X and it feels like the center of the plate is higher than the sides… makes it harder to get a decent print all of a sudden…

I did it with printed V6. And what should I say? Much better; significantly better!

And don’t worry, setup is a breeze with the FBW Detent setting. Now the “manual flight” also makes sense.

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Are 3D printers became a common household items like refrigerators these days?

I am not sure if I would say as common as a refrigerator…. But maybe more like a table saw or mitre saw….

Where people that like to build or tinker would acquire these tools though they may not use them more than a few times a month.

However access to rental or paying for online printing starts to exceed the convenience/accessibility to the resources.

Example the library has them but they are/were hard to book and still have to drive out there and wait or comeback. Max 2 hours on maker machines…. Etc…

I always thought that people having 3D printers are actually professionals that actually make a living out of making them and selling their services. Like table saw too. I mean I like to tinker myself, but I’m okay with just having a screwdriver set at home. But I guess I understand what you mean.

The have come down far in price for something that is decent… But still requires attention. Meaning you have to sometimes “tinker” with it to re-Level… Modify settings of the model you are printing… Modify the temperatures due to the PLA maybe having absorb moisture… dealing with environment changes on the temperature as the seasons change…

But if you take the printer I have … Anycubic Mega X it is $600 dollars regular pice Canadian… currently it is on sale for 509… On Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale it was only like 399… Which makes buying one as a hobby affordable. I built an Ardunio Autopilot with it, I printed off under counter mount for my Echo Show 8 — which as an example could not find any commercially available for this but on thingverse there were a few designs… download and print… done…

If you were doing it for professional things then you are looking at very very expensive machines but they do all kinds of things like auto level, they have chambers for the Material so that it maintains humidity and temp levels… Plus they will support multiple Materials/colours at the same time … very very powerful…

I bought this mod few days ago for the throttle and the speedbrake, looking forward to installing it

Arrived today and I like it. Climb range is now a lot better than before. Would be cool to get some stickers like in an Airbus to put on the leavers. As you got no 3d printer like me it was a good buy.

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For those of us without 3D printers is there a way of getting these in the UK?

You can order it with the link at top of the thread. Shipping is a little bit high but fast via DHL at my order.

where did yoo get the updated Flypad from.doesn’t matter which version i download it still has the old Flypad .i used the latest installer and tried both the dev and exp versions,still no new Flypad.
thanks for any help

The Flypad has been aroud for quite a while, but I’m not sure which one are you referring to? The one in the video post that you replied to is actually the old flypad, now. So if you’re seeing a different flypad now than the one in the video. Then you’re actually already in the new flypad.