Monoliths Near Omaha

Heading NNE out of Omaha, headed for KMSP.
Approximately 20 miles along the way when these monoliths appeared.
I also had them on a flight in South East Alaska, at the weekend.
Graphics are set all Medium.
Is there a Setting change or Fix for this?

this has been covered already and fix is coming

As you approach them they have a tendency to disappear.

It seems to happen in random places. Not just a specific area, this is a big bug.

They haven’t for me at all. Climbing north out of Omaha is always an interesting experience.

Some do, some don’t. For me the distant pyramid like monoliths, or the large Devils Tower-like objects tend to disappear as I get closer. Some don’t, however.

Just south of London is what to me looked like a gigantic mast of some kind, with dish like protrusions. As I got closer I realise these objects were trees, and it was a huge building, surrounded by an even taller protrusion of land mass jutting into the sky!

I’ve seen them too in random areas. It seems to be worse lately as I’m using much higher settings than I was previously. New system running High and Ultra settings. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. When I had my old system running at mid-level settings I don’t remember seeing them.

I’m running Mid level settings.