More Commentary that REALLY matters

Another one who truly knows this industry and aviation is compelled to speak the truth:


IE: More toxic nitpicking used to troll, while conveniently ignoring the fact that every other sim in the market at launch had a lot more elements missing and issues than Microsoft Flight Simulator in the same timeframe.

I guess X-plane and FSX fanboys must be feeling the heat if they feel the need to troll this hard.



Vanilla XPlane sucked when it rolled out. So did FSX before P3D.

Ya’lls want FS2020 to be user-modded XPlane and P3D out of the gate? You cray cray.

MS released a shell designed for community support for the next 10 years.


misery loves company…

I mean he didn’t say anything that is incorrect. Actually left out plenty of other very legitimate concerns and issues.


The comment about the navigation of the menus being made for Xbox controllers means never having taken one in his hand in his whole life. I can’t even start to imagine how would someone with a functional brain think that these menus are designed for a controller. I tried setting up a flight with a controller just for kicks and it was an absolute chore, unlike doing so with a mouse.

The rest is mostly nitpicks that ignore the fact that no other product in this genre launched with this many features and in such a good state.

The whole “The beautiful scenery and modeling will engage “simmers” only so long before they return to FSX or X-Plane and the many add-ons that make those simulations much more realistic and complete experiences of “flying”" is an absolutely idiotic and disingenuous statement that completely ignores how a flight simulator’s development cycle works.


My sentiments exactly. I understand the emotional process of holding on to a dying product for as long as you can, but eventually you need to let go. I managed to do that with X-Plane (I couldn’t imagine someone willingly holding on to FSX other than for nostalgia), and I’m so excited to play MSFS daily.


I totally agree with the article as written. The interface/GUI is NOT what I think user friendly nor is any part of flight planning usable for anything but point to point direct. No way to plan a cross country in game at all!
Flying in small aircraft on modern settings is totally arcade like and feels unnatural.
All the eye candy is okay if you’re above 3,000 AGL but look closer and you find it not what you think. Many strange things being reported from all around the globe on the ground.
Many things missing altogether.
Very disapointed with the simulator aspect!


Huh? I have ~80 hours in the 208 and it feels fantastic. Has a few kinks that need to be addressed which I’ve reported, but it is far from arcade feeling. That said, I don’t think any of the single engines feel arcade like at all.

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Just practice stalls. they are completely unnatural and floating without any tendency to lose flight. They just slowly rotate back to normal flight as they mush forward. Just not a stall a a.

Of the six bullet points in the article I pretty much agree with the first 3 and consider myself as qualified as any to judge by having used the sim a lot since release.

I don’t feel qualified to judge the last 3 points but based on my own experience coupled with what I’ve seen on various sources including Utube, forums etc. (using my best BS filter) I think that he is correct in all the last three points except for the one about glass cockpits. Just on my own experience I know that you CAN build a flight plan, load instrument procedures etc. on all the glass cockpits that I have so far tried.

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If you are not flying a glass cockpit you can no create a flight plan with multiple waypoints in game and practice navigation skills. total fail

Like every version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, FS2020 requires a state-of-the-art computer to run satisfactorily.

MSFS does not require a state-of-the-art computer. I’m running it on a $1300 laptop and it is running wonderfully. Very far from ‘state-of-the-art.’

So he starts with nonsense…

“Total fail” lol. :joy:

Such relevant criticsim.

Erm, yes, you can… it’s even more intuitive than FSX/P3D. Something tells me you haven’t even tried…

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Also practicing shot field landings is totally unreal as you have no worry that you will fall onto the runway. And ground effect is kind of iffy. Sometimes you will float for half a mile before starting to settle on the ground. Sometimes same speed and attitude you drop right away.

Nah just old and grumpy. XD

If you’re floating for half a mile that’s a problem with your piloting skills, not the sim.


Disrespecting Mr. Williams is a mistake in my view.

So calling out the truthful facts or even giving an opinion/feedback is now called trolling and nitpicking - and look what you are doing- trolling and nit picking. Should I check your profile and comment on every thing you like/dislike about MSFS and call it trolling and lying? That would not be beneficial and so neither is your comment.

You are angry at an opinion with plain facts. Rather than troll, try going point by point and disputing anything said with respect like the TOS of this forum requires. I will debate you with out personally attacking you, can you do the same? Are you up for it?

You speak about time frame? What, has technology stayed still since 2006? Is it too much to ask for ADDED features that FSX has had with ALL the OLD add-ons we had for DECADES.

Show me a single screenshot in MSFS with a cell/radio tower…this is a VFR sim right? The scenery is complete/perfect right?

Friendly advice: you should be much more careful and fully know what you defend before attacking people in defense.


You know how you create a flight plan with steam gauges? You pull out our sectional chart, a note book, EB6 and a pen. You right down the VOR and ADF frequencies, set your nav frequencies and tune your OBS. If you are between two of them, you either follow land marks or pull out the EB6 to adjust for windage until you see something or pick up the next VOR. Setting up waypoints in the sim is not practicing navigation skills, that is using a big crutch.