More Physics, More Real Winds

Don’t understand. The elevator trim tab deflection has nothing to do with elevator deflection.

The whole discussion about elevator trimming doesn’t make sense since the neutral point of the elevator doesn’t change on a joystick.

I produced many flight model mods and I looked at every MSFS2020 airplane in the “basic” package.

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I’m talking about your false assumption that nobody flies the DR400.
Not going to comment on your knowledge about FDMs.

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In my post the DR400 and the nobody-flies-it are two different airplanes. For the nobody you can choose the VL-3 or the Icon.

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And again, how do you know?

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With FFB, you could trim the aircraft by force alone until reaching neutral position, whatever the X+Y deflection of the joystick. FFB is in my opinion a game changer for this, and a reason I’ve purchased a SW FFB2 20 years ago which is still working in pristine conditions.

I wish they didn’t remove support for this Microsoft Joystick in FS2020, especially since code to support it was already there in the FSX code base (and the FS2020 config files are still carrying over the FFB parameters…).

I’ve already documented in this forum the possible reasons FS2020 is no longer supporting FFB and most likely why it never will. I hope they prove me wrong:

Live Dev Q&A: Guided Question - #15 by CptLucky8
Force feedback support - #107 by CptLucky8

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I really dont know what the OP is on about? If you have strong crosswinds the landing in MSFS will look absolutely the same as the XP viedos he posted?

The physics are definitely there. Somethings like some flightmodels can be improved, sure, but as a C172 student i can say that the turbulence effects, up/downwinds you experience in a real world C172 are very weell simulated and much smoother and more realistically than they have ever been in P3D for example.

Ofc, the default C172 doesnt fly by “the numers” exactly, but thats not the point. The physics simulation is pretty good IMHO. But, the flightmodels of some planes could need some love. But that is exactly what ASOBO is doing right now, make the default C172 fly by the numbers and make it closer to the real one.

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Simple answer: I CHECKED the flight_model.cfg files of ALL MSFS 2020 airplanes. But you are specifically not interested in my “flight model mod” work, so, why do you ask again and again?

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I’ve tried a few of your modification and watched your videos, that’s why I refrain from commenting.
Apparently you still don’t understand my question. How do you know who flies what in MSFS?

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If MSFS keeps me involved for the next months, ill definitely consider a FFB wheel.

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Definitely, or a Brunner yoke. To be honest, given the present state of the FDMs, wind and turbulence simulation, I would consider these a waste of money.


That’s absolutely right. I have checked this in LEMD and I could reproduce the bug. I set a strong wind using the weather toolbar and below 1000 ft it decreased by 65%.

I have uploaded a bug report to Zendesk.

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If you search the earlier posts of this thread, we came to the conclusion that it’s likely intentional. Ground friction does slow down wind near the surface, but not quite like it is in the simulator.


I THINK it was in this thread. It’s become so long. lol

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Even the ones that are encrypted?

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He did actually say earlier:

Also, looking at those files is difficult, but not impossible.


you can look at the post I am referring to, I enjoy your wisdom…

Yes, something is very wrong…

Asobo doesn’t have any real pilots on the team, so they can do some real QA jobs?

I did look at the post you are referring to, but as usual, your IncoherentPost still doesn’t make sense.

FYI, there are real pilots on the Asobo team.


And you consider the analysis of these real pilots quite valid for the quality of the physics?

Are you real? I think you should get back to your level D simulators, and try to check out on a 30 knots gusting crosswinds… If A simulator like X-plane can make it, I don’t see why our FS2020 can’t make it.

Don’t poke the hornets nest. :joy:

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