More save-slots in settings

We need more save-slots in the graphics settings. Now we have “PC” and “VR”.

But we need more - so we can try different settings and don’t have to change everything - and than back.

Also would be good if could make our own pre-settings for different environments like “new york night” or “sedona day”.

I imagine we could have slots like “PC1, PC2, PC3… and VR1, VR2, VR3…” with the ability to rename them ourselves.

I would also be extremely cool if we could export/import settings, so we can share them.

Thanx in A.

I love this idea! I currently keep several backups of my config.opt file so I can test different settings easily as well as revert to a known good config if needed. Having stored save areas like the controller options would be fantastic!

Please see this wishlist.

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