Mouse cursor bug that lowers FPS

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I believe I’ve seen this mentioned here a while ago but I can’t seem to find where. At the time, I didn’t really notice this bug, but today I got an FPS counter working in VR and noticed it BIG TIME.

For those unaware, during flight, if you hover your mouse cursor over a menu from the toolbar, like the weather menu for example, your FPS shoots up! As soon as you move the cursor away FPS goes down. Not sure exactly what the FPS difference is because I’m capped at 30 FPS, but I went from 30 to 22 FPS. If you make your cursor disappear over the menu, the higher FPS is retained until you activate and move your cursor away.

Has Asobo acknowledged this bug? Because this is a really annoying. I hope it’s fixed in the next patch.

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I’ve noticed a similar effect when FS is the selected app. It was running well in VR as long as I alt-tabbed to a different program. Anything, steam, WMR window, notepad… but then no mouse or keyboard in FS. Joystick still worked.

The difference was obvious even without an FPS counter. There’s some kind of major conflict going on. I even tried a low polling rate mouse (non gaming)…no difference improvement.

I had an issue where the sim would run smoother when a different windows was focused. The way I solved it was to stop the Windows Mixed Reality Portal preview, by clicking the “pause” symbol at the bottom-center of the preview screen. This stops the VR view reprojection on the monitor, and made the fps smooth even when flight sim had focus (and therefore had the virual mouse active).

Perhaps the bug is similar or akin to the one that CptLucky8 has described? He offers a workaround.

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This is what I’m describing in the discussion @JALxml has posted above.

Please note though:

Thanks all and Cpt. That’s exactly the same issue. I knew it was mentioned somewhere in the forums just couldn’t remember where.

I doubt it, and I can’t even find this listed as a bug we can vote on:
Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

You might want to create one so that we can vote!

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Isn’t this the same as the false report in 2D mode? The window being rendered separately, and when you put it in focus the fps counter switches to showing the fps for that one window which is higher, while the actual sim runs just the same.

In my case, no it’s not. Just open the developer mode fps window and take notes of the CoherentGT frame timing…

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