Mouse cursor disappears all the time

Anyone else have this issue. I have to change views to get it back

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I’ve noticed that tapping left or right on the arrow keys (just below insert / home / page up / down) reveals the invisible mouse cursor.

click middle mouse button/wheel?

Trust me, it’s been an issue all the way since SU5. There’s a bug thread here which you can go vote and reply to:

So far, no luck in getting it fixed, even though we’ve been reporting it forever :confused:

Never had an issue with this. The cursor times out when mouse not used then reappears when you move the mouse again. Are you saying you have an issue with the cursor not appearing when you move the mouse again? This seems more like a personal settings issue rather than a general sim bug that would affect everyone?

Hi all,
Since SU7, I have the same issue as @NoMerCy175.
I thought the problem was related with my A32NX (Flybywire) mod and was waiting for the next update of the mod.

I’ve confirmed my Airbus stick trim switch makes the mouse cursor disappear.

One click of the trim (in my case, the HAT switch) switch makes it disappear, and the mouse cursor is able to come back by moving the mouse. Clicking the trim switch will also bring it back to the foreground.

Holding the trim switch for a bit completely locks the mouse cursor to the background, and is not visible. Moving the mouse cursor does not bring it back to the foreground, and only using the trim switch again brings it back.

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