Mouse cursor randomly DOESN'T REAPPEAR when moving around (translation) in the cockpit after last “mouse going to top left corner” fix

Guys please report this issue via Zendesk if you haven’t done it yet. That is the best way to pull their attanetion over this issue.

I already reported it on Zendesk with a detailed YouTube video :slight_smile:

We’ll see how much good that does, though…

Hi @Jummivana ,

As far as I heard during Q&A Martial stated that most of the mouse issues has been fixed and if any remains he would be happy to hear about. Do you mind reporting mouse disappearing issue still in its place since SU 5 and it would be great if we wont need to wait until mid/end of February to see this fixed ? We have reported numerous times via Zendesk and no real progress over it. It’s been a very annoying bug which DIRECTLY affects sim experience. I would be so happy if you’re able to highlight this issu to devs.

Kind regards.


Yes please, report it to them please.
It isn’t as annoying as it was in the first place (with the mouse going to the top left corner) but it is still annoying and most of all, not fixed.


The problem we have is unless the issue is voted Asobo ignores these issues, WHY? They are clearly game breaking along with other reported issues since SU7 launched.

Tried playing tonight, after setting up sensitivity all over again, checking other settings to make sure they have not reset then 10mins after the 3 mins to load the game. 5 mins looking around the globe the mouse curser freezes, restart need.

Did not restart turned this game off getting tired of setting everything up when i want to play the dam game.


I can even provide the video again which I also reported through Zendesk with a more detailed explanation if necessary. Should also be able to help out a fair bit.


It’s strange - an existential component to be able to use a pc at all. That must have priority. If not, someone is sabotaging or is no longer interested in the project. Mouse operation, of all things, unbelievable. For me too, of course. Then I always turn it off and do something else but not the MSFS.


Yeah, agreed. Hopefully something will be done soon :slight_smile:

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Previously I had put the dissapearing mouse down to my personal system problem but it is not. yesterday myself and a mate were doing a short IFR flight to practice an ILS approach. We were about half a kilometre apart when my mouse dissappeared. At the same point in my mates track, his mouse dissapeared as well. After fiddling around and multiple clicking everywhere mine came back online after about 2 minutes. Exactly the same place when my mate reached it, his re appeared and operated correctly so there is definately some bug in the sytem that is causing the issue

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mouse just disappeared for me midway between VATSIM flight, works fine in the menus. :man_shrugging:

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Good to see more people reporting the issue… we’re still waiting :smiley:

I hope they’ll put fix for this particular mouse issue within the upcoming fix package. It has been months guys ! What do you want from us ? Do you really think without mouse pointer we’re able to intearact with sim without any strugggle ?

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Looking at the current history I have little hope… but man would it be nice.

same problem…not fixed yet

Guess we’ll all see each other next year… with the same issues :joy:

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this bug has been driving me INSANE. as someone who likes to regularly translate the view, having the interactive cursor randomly disappear on you feels like you’re literally being gaslit by the sim.

it can quickly suck any joy you’re having right out the window as your frustration that such a long-lasting, game-debilitating bug still exists after all this time makes you want to throw your mouse across the room and never fly again.

i can’t stress enough how messed up it is to not have this immediately patched in a hotfix


Totally agreed… and seems like my prediction will stay true. New year without a hotfix in sight. Generally Asobo have done very little in hotfixes, except to hotfix things that cause CTD. We haven’t seen any communication from them which would suggest them changing that practice any time soon :confused:


Welcome to the new year, boys!

Gotta wait for SU8.

114 votes, a really annoying bug… and let’s make them wait another month at least :frowning: