Mouse cursor doesn't change when moving/resizing windows

Zendesk ticket : #122628

On the Xbox version, of course the GUI is different from PC, but still allow to resize or move some windows like the VFR MAP or the NAVLOG.

When using the Xbox controller, you can switch to “cursor mode” and then move or resize the windows. As expected and similar to a PC, the cursor change to “arrows” indicating the function performed:

Move the window:

Resize the window in X:

Resize the window in X and Y:

But when using a MOUSE instead of the Xbox controller, there is BUGS in the cursor management, that remain unchanged:

Cursor remain standard, while it should be 4-arrows for window move:

Cursor remain standard, while it should be 2-arrows for window resize:

The move/resize functions works with a mouse, but the cursor is badly implemented.