Mouse disappears?

Since the latest update, Ive noticed my mouse pointer comes and goes as it pleases.
Sometimes it just disappears and I can get it back pressing the scroll lock key.
Anyone else with this issue?


Yep, same problem for me. Didn’t know about the scroll lock key, I usually press ESC and then get it back.


Same here… ESC and Resume gets it back for me.

Same here, just touch my cursur op or down key and its back

It’s rather annoying to have the mouse cursor disappear while you’re trying to use it. It’s easy to get back, but still a pain. Hopefully they fix this. WIth the shocking regularity it happens, now this went unnoticed in testing is beyond me.

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Same issue here; mouse cursor went weird since SU5

Middle mouse button is set to make the pointer disappear and reappear - at least on my setup. Could be you’re accidentally clicking the scroll wheel on your mouse?

Ahhh cool! I thought it was only me who was having this problem (and therefor I was already searching for a different (wired) mouse to double check the mouse issue… But apparantly it is an MSFS issue…
There is a dutch saying which goes: ‘a shared issue, is half the issue’… Therefor, I think this can be addressed in a future fix of msfs (making a zendesk issue for this in order to follow the procedure).
Thanks for sharing!

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After today’s hotfix it still happens :frowning:

Hi @jonandermb!

As your post is a bug report, I’ve moved your topic to the #bugs-and-issues:miscellaneous category which is more appropriate :+1:


mny mouse pointer also disappears all the time and resets to top left corner. cant even tunrn a knob without it disappering.

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Yep, same here. The esc and return workaround generally works. I’ve filed a Zendesk report.


Tab or Scroll lock also brings it back.
resets to top left tho as stated.

Have the same problem.

I have the same problem. Mouse cursor dissapears very often and then appear in the left top corner :woozy_face:

Yes, I’ve found that if I’m in cockpit view and press one of the arrow keys to slide the view around the cockpit, the cursor pointer disappears. :disappointed:


I am keeping this active, reporting the same issue as of 31/8

Have an issue where the mouse runs fine for probably the first 10 minutes but then as I get the TBM ready for taxiing and setting altitude I can have issues where the mouse cursor jumps around and can be hard to control. If I go into controls and the other menus and back in it can settle down. I think it’s when the Sim becomes a bit work demanding that it slows for me but frame rate etc seems good. For this reason I’ve been thinking of upgrading my R5 3600 cpu as I know it’s limited. Might try playing with the PFD’s refresh rate on low and see if it helps or not.

This has only started happening to me after WU6.

Any progress on this? Still occurring, particularly when using a hat to change camera views.