Mouse don't working

Hello …I have the problem with the mouse in cockpit and esternal view…doesn’t work like free camera too…please help me and fix this problem ,thank you

More explanation needed. Thank you.

which expenation you need?more then this?

You said that your mouse doesn’t work inside the cockpit or outside. Does it work in the menus? Does it work outside of the sim? Can you give us more information?

ok…yes in the menu works …only camera view on the left on the right ,up and down (cockpit and estern view) when I go in the cockpit and the eastern view the camera go down slow slow but I cannot with the mouse work on it…

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This is it that is happen in cockpit and out of cockpit…I have tried to reprogram mouse setting but no work nothing

Same Problem with the Mouse on Series S🙆‍♂️

Hello CptBen137 whats Series S?