Mouse pointer auto hides in 3 seconds even when mouse button is being used

Brief description of the issue:
Mouse pointer auto hides when not moving the mouse which is a good thing.
But it’s also auto hiding while the mouse button is being pressed.

So when i have to click a cockpit button 15 times, i have to keep moving the mouse slightly to avoid the pointer disappearing and the button presses not registering.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Keep pressing a button in the cockpit for 10 seconds while holding the mouse still over the button.

Correct behaviour would be the pointer hiding itself only when the mouse is not being used completely. (Movement + button presses)

Not a real solution to the hiding issue, but you can hold the left mouse button down on the side of the knob in the direction you want it to turn.
You don’t have to click fifteen times.

It’s a push button :wink:

The A320 MCDU arrow to go down in the flight plan waypoint list in this case.

And for turn knobs i prefer to use the scroll wheel which has the same problem i described above.

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Yes, I used the scroll as well, but I have been using the
hold function a bit more lately.
It does come in handy at times!

I’d rather the mouse not auto-hide at all. It was that way in the beginning, and all I had to do was toss it off to the right side of the screen to get it out of the way.

Hello CptEvillian, moving this thread to the wishlist section as this feature is by design and not a bug.

Hello Olie,

The auto hiding of the mouse pointer is by design i understand that.
But pressing the mouse button should prevent the autohide just like moving the mouse.
Any use of the mouse should prevent the pointer from hiding.

Currently clicking the button without movement of the mouse doesn’t qualify as using the mouse.
In order to click a button i have to hold the mouse still, i cant click and move at the same time it’s a very small button. :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue although it seems even more annoying when trying to set a radio or nav frequency. I move the mouse over the radio knob and start scrolling the wheel and the freq. starts to change, invariably before I get to the frequency I want the mouse has auto-hidden and I have to wiggle it again to get it back to continue. Of course, then then move to the outer / inner know and the same thing happens.

Very frustrating… considering buying a Logitech radio panel to just stop that from happening :frowning:

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Yes that’s what i mean. clicking or scrolling should prevent the mouse from hiding just like it does with movement.

Yes very frustrating! I do not understand why it is by design? Why?
How can I prevent, that the mouse cursor is disappearing, without moving or clicking the mouse???
Is a solution out there ???

Still exists and is annoying.
When programming/using a flight management computer i can click multiple times and the mouse cursor disappears as if there was no mouse in use. After cursor disappeas no further clicks are recognized…
I have to wiggle the mouse while clicking to make more than 3 clicks while programming the fms… ridiculous.

Agree this issue must be fixed. Using the mouse to operate complex panels with clicking and scrolling is very cumbersome when the cursor disappear so quickly and makes MSFS very hard to operate in a logical and efficient way.

Anybody thinking this is by design has not tried to scroll in a CDU. it cannot be a design to deactivate mouse clicks until the mouseposition is changed. hiding the mouse is one thing; not reacting to mouseclicks any more is simply a big, and a very severe one.

I’d prefer the mouse not to auto-hide at all, it’s frustrating in VR when wanting to do certain things (like use VR Zoom) the mouse has to be in view, so when it hides by itself I have to keep wiggling the thing to do what I want.

This and the regression bugs with mouseover toolbar Windows in VR REALLY need fixing, it’s been a year…

Is there any news about this? its infuriating really.
Maybe a command or config file to fiddle around? just to extend the time the mouse pointer autohides?

There has to be a solution to this, doesnt seem too difficult to correct or implement as its basic QOL inside the sim :slight_smile:


It’s incredibly annoying while working with an ECAM checklist!

  • click
  • click
  • click (was ignored, due the mouse disappeared)
  • move mouse around
  • click
  • click
  • click (ignored…)
    And so on.

PLEASE Asobo, set the mouse timeout to 30 seconds and reset timeout on mouse move and click!!!

Or: completely remove the mouse-pointer timeout!

Agreed. VERY annoying and should be an easy fix. Just reset the mouse hide timeout every time the mouse is clicked, moved, or the wheel is used. i. e. If the mouse is currently in use don’t hide the pointer. Makes total sense! Voted.

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Agreed. It’s incredibly annoying while working with Flight Simulator…

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But they only will fix it, when it has 5000+ votes or so

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Yes just like the drone camera slowly rolling left by itself. Already called it months ago, they will never fix it.

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