Moved to HP Reverb G2 from a Quest2

Thought I’d post my experience here.

I bought a Quest 2 about 6 months ago. Spent way too much time tuning it for MFS, with results that I was never really happy with.

The thing I found most difficult was the extra set of variables introduced by the video card encoding and link bandwidth: tuning MFS involves a lot of variables already (aircraft, weather, terrain, then all the combinations of settings), and the interaction of encode width / bandwitdth with my already overloaded 3070 constantly frustrated me.

So at the weekend I went and bought a second hand G2. Wow. I’m blown away. I was able to very quickly get to the point where my GPU is maxed, picture is rock solid, and I’m getting 35-40 frames per second @ 100% render scale with high clouds and reflections (the two eye candy settings I can’t live without).

It was so much easier to get set up and running, and the clarity and color leave the Quest 2 for dead.

Out of interest I’ve also today gone back and run Il-2, which I also struggled with on the Quest. I started with the same settings I was running on the Quest, and immediately started happy sweary shouting. I’m getting 90FPS with a crazy sharp image, and no ghosting. On the quest I would get 30-45 FPS, stacks of ghosting at high speed, and enemy planes would be a blur.

So 6 months wasted but I got there in the end. Now I can’t decide if I want to play MFS, Il-2, or DCS :slight_smile:

Two other bonuses I didn’t expect:

  1. The G2 (for my face) is a LOT more comfortable than the quest 2, and has less light leakage. I tricked out my quest with a couple of hundred dollars of aftermarket gear trying to get it comfortable. The G2 was far more comfortable than my modded quest, out of the box.
  2. Haven’t heard anyone mention this, but the headphone design on the G2 makes it a lot easier to put on and off. It’s like putting on a cap. Whereas the Quest has the extra step of locking the headphones down. I didn’t know it bothered me until I didn’t need to do it anymore.

If anyone is interested I can post settings.


I also have a reverb g2 after trying a pimax 5k and a vive pro 2. Grand daughter has a quest 2. Did`nt like it either. Both went back. The G2 is the winner by far. FOV is wide enough with the slim facemask and clarity comfort and sweet spot are really good.


yes i knew that but G2 is too expensive for a lot (me for example). We have the quality that goes with the price !
Q2 allows VR to democratize, which other much more expensive brands do not allow. I don’t thing will could have so much VR games if Q2 had not existed.
the only disadvantage I see at G2 is the obligation to use a cable, not an issue with FS, as we are sit on a chair but for other game, it killq immersion because of lack of movement liberty, we feel attached.

I had similar experience with a 3070. Struggled with Quest 2 for months, and then got a G2 and it was soo much better for the sim. G2 was the best upgrade/tweak!


How do you find the FOV on the G2 compared to the Quest 2? I am close to buying a G2, but the FOV has me concerned. I find the Quest 2’s FOV ok ,but a little too narrow for my liking and I am trying to decide for my next headset between greater clarity (G2) and greater FOV (Index). Either way, I’m waiting until all the new hardware announcements are out of the way, but those are the two headsets I’m currently considering.

Glad to hear that. I have my Rift S and I just bought the G2 from HP website. It should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. I am excited about it. If for you guys from Quest 2 to G2 was like day and night. Coming from Rift S should be a good upgrade. Let’s see. :slight_smile:

Interesting observations, thanks for sharing them. I got a Quest 2 at the end of last year but I was really after a G2. The only reason, other than the price, I didn’t get one was that they were very difficult to get hold of and I was really itching to try VR out in the sim. Like all Quest 2 owners I’ve battled with the headset to get anywhere near an enjoyable experience, and I’ve got an RTX3080 and 5600X.

I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to sell my Quest 2 in the run up to Xmas as it should be easy to sell it at a decent price on ebay. I’ll get a G2 now that they’re more easily bought. I’m sort of half in mind to wait to see what next year brings with regard to new VR headsets. Isn’t there talk of a new revamped G2 being released? I might wait for that if there is.

. Isn’t there talk of a new revamped G2 being released? I might wait for that if there is.

I think the one available at the store is that one. According to the questions asked in the reviews on the site.

HP says the new version of the headset will be sent out for any new purchases of the headset in the US, apparently starting today. The headset is conveniently discounted by $50 from the usual $600 MSRP. So far the company hasn’t said if it plans to sell the updated G2 outside of the US.

That’s what I got :slight_smile:

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I can’t tell the difference between the FOV on the quest and the g2. If anything I find the g2 FOV slightly wider, but that is due entirely to how well the g2 fits my face, so YMMV.

I just got my G2. OMG it’s like day and night difference between rift s and that one. Everything looks so crispy clear. I just have to play with the headset it is different with the IPD and the adjustment of the head. Feels so tight on my head still but I cant go back to Rift S,LOL… The controllers works fine. I guess they fixed the tracking issue on this new sets. I tried MSFS and somehow my graphic card can handle it well compared to the Rift S was a lot of USB issues.

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Yes, the new (yesterday) G2 is better than the Rift S (with a 2070 Super). The setup was kind of hard, but then I just had to run Windows Mixed Reality Portal and start Virtual Reality in FS2020. Apparently, no more setting configurations to make it work the way it should (well SteamVR would have to be run for a Steam FS2020). No screen-door effect.

get the 9mm mask for your G2. It increases the fov a lot. Not expensive. You`ll love the clarity in your reverb. One caution, if you recieve the V1 cable with your headset ring HP and ask for the V2 cable under warranty replacement. I did, big difference with the V2 and free.!!!

It is. Order now and you should get the revamped version. Big difference is the V2 cable.

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My q2 lasted 5 days then it went back for a refund absolute garbage in MY eyes. Waited a couple of month for g2 stock in UK and wham bang what a difference immense piece of kit !!!

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Yep, the G2 is made for MSFS 2020. Moreover, I own a G2 and Quest 2. I never use the Quest 2 for PCVR. The G2 clarity is just outstanding.

One thing to realize about the G2 is that it demands a lot of hardware power to push all those pixels. My 2080ti wasn’t enough to fully enjoy the G2. I moved up to a 3090. But I think 3080 or above should be fine.

I clarity is also outstanding in games like HL:Alyx. It’s like being in a pixar movie.

And if you’re into IL-2 and WW2, you might enjoy Medal of Honor. I’m playing it right now. I’m loving the WW2 details like the costumes, planes, explosives, and weapons. It’s like playing a museum.

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Yeah I’m getting increasingly sold on the G2 reading these reports and also now the G2 is more readily available. I may even order one this weekend. I’ll sell my 256GB Quest 2 to go towards it. Its got the elite headstrap and the link cable so I should get a decent price for it.

Yeah especially for flight simming the Reverb G2 is hard to beat.

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Its not even the extra clarity of the G2 that interests me, although I’m sure its great, its the better performance G2 owners seem to get. I’ve got an RTX3080 and 5600X and no matter what I just can’t get much above 30FPS, unless I reduce settings right down to a point the sim just looks terrible.

I think what helps with the G2 is that is a powered VR. That helps a lot with performance. The Rift S2 uses a lot of power from the system and with my card running hot performance was not there not including that clarity in G2 against oculus is 300 light years ahead. The problem with the G2 nothing I cannot deal is that it can get hot on your face but now in the winter I will love that heat…LOL…

I have the rx 5700 and I run texture and clouds high. I haven’t played with the settings yet. But it looks so good out of the box that I am afraid to touch the settings…LOL

I have a Quest2 and have been pretty happy with it, I had pretty much decided it’s not worth spending an additional several hundred pounds for another headset of the same generation, especially as it has some drawbacks compared to the Q2 as well (smaller sweetspot, no wireless, worse hand controllers and tracking)

Regarding the performance being better on a RG2, is this just when using reprojection? I have motion reprojection off, and whilst I know there is some overhead to encode the signal to USB I believe I read this is done by a different part of the GPU ie it doesn’t reduce the gaming performance. FWIW in task manager I can see a “video encode utilisation” which I presume is this, it seems to be around 20% on my 3090 when playing MSFS via virtual desktop.