Msfm 2020

I have been a fan and playing FSM since 1997. I have almost all the versions of the game except the 1982 original version.

MSFM 2002, 2004, MSX gave us the pleasure to know flying. It created a new hobby and a new getaway.

After installing Windows 10, I could not play older MS products because there were windows 7 compliance and needed a patch to play in windows 10. I switched to X-Plane and started a console with 7 monitors a powerful PC, added go flight hardware, throttle and yoke custom design to name a few.

When MSFS announced its 2020 version, I was excited beyond belief. I had been following it in your tube and news although there was not much information provided and there were gaps in information.

On August 17th I spent the whole night downloading the game. I spent the entire day on the 18th mapping the controls and figuring out the cameras.

My personal assessment is that I am not at all impressed by the MSFM team. Sincerely, prior MSFM products were pretty much plug and play and would work with all controls. Associating was easy and POV cameras were just at the finger tips.

I have no idea what the team were developing all this time. I mean if something worked why reinvent the wheel. Improve on it.

Some features that are horrible are as follows:

  • Does not support multiple screen. I mean where am I suppose to see the great view and world image along side with controls. This locks like a kids game. I want the tree screens to show me right window, left window and front view. Other monitors can be used as glass control penal.

  • The controls set up is a pain in the neck. Seriously. I do not understand what they were trying to do here…

  • All the hype about the VFR are a sham. I have to share the one screen with everything including controls.

I personally feel that I am not impressed with the product albeit the price but a little disappointed. I do not think that patches and the first day is the question here, I think the platform design is in question.

After paying $120 I am thinking of switching back to X- Plane. All the hype was just a money making scheme about a product which had a great past in my opinion.