MSFS 2020 and stutters

Super strange, might be an issue with your hardware when under a heavy load. Power supply issue maybe? I know you said it runs good in other games but there isn’t really another game that puts the same kind of load on your machine.

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I can also get that @ 4K. I did not make myself clear…
Maintain SOLID, FIXED 60 FPS, and so syncing to the 60 HZ of the monitor,
is the ONLY WAY to achieve a stutter-free-fluid flight / movement.
That is EXACTLY what I achieve in a half a dozen of other photorealistic games and the “other”
flight simulator.

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It is impossible for the Dev team write software for all hardware types, mixtures, and different edge cases. It’s simply not possible. I code webapps and all I have to contend with are browser types and I get enough issues with supporting those. Sometimes there are combinations of systems, hardware, and software that just don’t like each other.

What they can do is continue to optimise, read feedback and get usage stats to further improve the sim.

From the ground up MSFS is truly ground breaking and I personally feel they are doing really well.

I run the sim on a 1yr old laptop with an i7, 20gb ram and a 4gb graphics card. I’m getting 19-22fps on medium low settings.


CaptMatto, Well, that’s were my efforts ideally pretend…
For the Devs to optimise, read feedback and get usage stats to further improve the sim.

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They are; from the live streams, to the developer blogs, it’s coming but it will not be immediate - no software is ever finished and is never at a point the developer is happy.

I have to stop myself refactoring code I’ve already written because I’ve found a better way or learnt a new skill. If I did that I’d never release anything! :slight_smile:


I suggest having a good hard look at your settings. With your system you should NOT be having the issues you are describing. I would start by ensuring everything is running at stock levels. No overclocking or V adjustments. NVidia controls default and Experience disabled.
Get a base line from there and then start trying some of the adjustments, here…

I have a pretty middle of the road system and am only running 1080p, BUT I have most MSFS settings on Ultra or High and generally humming along at 45-50 fps with no stutters. Just for a test I tried 1440 on a small monitor and still managed 30-35 smooth.
There are obviously some issues that Asobo could improve on with the optimization but in general the sim runs pretty well since the last update (aircraft issues aside).

  • B360 MB
  • Corsair 32GB 2666
  • i5-8400
  • RTX 2060
  • 1000w Corsair PSU

FYI, do not even dream of 60fps locked at 4K Ultra. It ain’t gonna happen without alien technology.


I am very sorry to say this, but your “rig” is not even near powerful enough to make this sim run at SOLID, FIXED 60 FPS all the time, like you are yelling it should.
It could be, if you are standing still in the middle of the desert with no weather and going offline. That’s a fact!


C44MO, well is your rig more powerful than mine? It scores better than 90% of the results in 3DMark
Port royal, and That’s a fact!..

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You’re not providing enough information.

What are your sim settings?

What resolution are you using?

What are your nvidea control panel settings?

And here’s another thread you should read:

My rig has an i7 5820 and a 980ti and I am in the top 7% of Firestrike Ultra AND I run at High settings at 4K and it runs plenty smooth enough for me not to obsess over frame rates.

You need to understand that this is not a benchmark competition. MSFS will bring the best 3DMark system to its knees if you try to get it to do what you are asking.
“The Other” flight sim you referenced will run wide open at 60 fps on MY system. If you want to stress test a system, fire up MSFS and run it wide open.
No-one here is suggesting your system is anything short of impressive. We are just saying that the technology does not yet exist that can do what you want. It likely won’t as we start loading in add-ons for weather, scenery, comms, not to mention the PMDG airliners that will force us all back to medium settings just to get 30fsp.
Massage what you have to get the best possible experience you can but this is an issue you can’t solve with money or Asobo.


Seriously asking, or just being stupid?
I never said anything about my rig… But I can tell you this…
My rig is not capable of doing 60 fps all the time, because no one has that kind of rig. Get real!


Yeah, my machine:

Intel® Core™ i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, circa 2013

32 GBytes RAM, DDR3

EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 8 GBytes RAM, GDDR5X

displays FPS in the same range as yours and I’m quite happy with it. 60 FPS is not all that!

C44MO, Please keep your insults to yourself.
My rig is very much capable of doing 60 fps all the time,
just not with MSFS.

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Just a small contribution, this reminds me of an old cartoon in a well respected audio magazine.
Guy is sitting in a chair looking at 2 oscilloscopes to decide if his stereo hi-fi is playing his music.
I just listen my hi-fi and it sounds really good.

My “rig” is capable of running MSFS in ultra settings and getting stable performance but I don’t.
I don’t even check the FPS 'cos the law of diminishing returns kicks in.
So bottom line is which is more important flying the sim or worrying about high fps rates.


My point exactly!


Not worrying about frame rates, but about stutters…
The main goal has not been achieved, a fluid flying experience.


That is exactly what we are saying. Lots of titles out there can run at 60fps @ 4K on lessor systems than yours but MSFS is not one of those. Flight simulator programs have always been coded beyond the capabilities of the available technology. When FSX was released, we drove ourselves nuts trying to get frame rates that didn’t cause catastrophic disasters every time you attempted an approach at a major airport. It took almost 15 years before the hardware caught up. That does not mean that we were unable to fly. it just meant that we had to find the sweet spot between performance and visuals that allowed a smooth controllable flight without needing a fire extinguisher standing by beside the computer.
Just dial it back, and go fly.


I feel your pain man - shouldn’t be this hard to get good performance out of a rig which surpasses the recommended spec…

You can go back and forth forever with these guys but you’ll end up in the same place.

I’m hopeful the developers will get there in the end. Will be big shame if they don’t given what the have already achieved!


Amir747SP, well THANKS. At last somebody has understood what I mean!
Let’s hope the Devs also do, if they ever read this…