MSFS Closes....?


since this week the Flight Simulator closes when the flight is loading or short after takeoff…
I changed nothing on my PC setup or on the settings.
Is there a way to find the reason for this crashes?

best regards

servers are down

No, they’re not.

We (well ok, I) think that Asobo are doing stealth updates without telling anyone and they’re breaking some addon scenery and causing the sim to crash.

Your windows error log may contain an incomprehensible error message with lots of 0s in it but if you can recreate the crash every time I’d suggest removing addons from your community folder and putting them back one by one until you cause a crash again. Then it’s just a waiting game til the dev updates the addon(s).

Servers or bing data … what ever

Bing Data causing crashes with add-on Airports or Scenery

Last three airports I added since that may be causing the CTD. Nothing else have been changed

KIAD, KSDF and WSSS. All other mods and freeware airports worked fine before and after update.

Definitely the Bing issue for me. Check the highlighted thread above for a workaround.

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