Msfs crashing half way through startup

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Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?

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Whenever I open MSFS, it gets about half way loaded, and then straight away CTD’s.

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Cannot, will if required

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RTX 3070
Intel(R) Core™ i7- 10700F @ 2.90 GHz

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Hello @Augiebee,
Welcome to the forums!

I have moved your topic into Community Support > CTD Help for community assistance.

I would first remove all items from your Community Folder, delete rolling cache (if you use it) so that clears any corrupted data. If that doesn’t work, assure your GPU drivers are current.

The Windows Event viewer may contain some information that the community could help you with.

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My GPU drivers are current, and I just did that removed them, and I do not use rolling cache

Also stop any external programs that talk to the sim via FSUIPC, SimConnect, etc.

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Eg. vpilot, pacx?

Yep. Anything that’s possibly talking to the sim.

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All stopped.

It’s gone from crashing half way through startup, to now crashing straight away.

Reboot the whole PC and kill it all again. It’s bizarre that shutting those off would make it worse.

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Just done. No changes.

Man, there is something stopping that executable.

It might be time to slog through this list:


I already have… Sigh. This is so annoying! Just been on vacation and was excited to come back and fly

I think I’ve figured it out. I’ve been experimenting. It’s one of my addons. I don’t know which one, or how to get it. It’s one that connects to the sim eg. vpilot, not a direct addon, however I can’t seem to identify which one.

Unfortunately that’s the real peril of so many add-ons. Even with the few I have, I sometimes (fortunately not often) have to play the “Truffle Hunt” and divide the collection in two, remove half, restart. Wash, rinse, repeat until I boiled it down.

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Hey, I’ve been following this post and have experienced exactly what you have - first crashing halfway, then crashing straight away. Have you figured out the issue yet?

he did…

If that not helps you ( remove mods from community folder ), then try to cleanup appdata ( remove rollingcache.ccc, folders like 'cache, dcs, scenery** , dce). Also ensure there was never add-ons like google-map-replacement installed ( if so, clean hosts file ).

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Do you mean under %appdata%? For hours I’ve been messing around with the exe.xml file, when I completely deleted it my sim loaded without issues but then when I click to do a flight it crashed. So frustrating, literally last night I did a flight and then the game just decides it wants to ■■■■■■■■.

yes, %AppData%\Micro…Flightsim… We have some topics about, newest example I remember I need help, the simulator crashes after the New Zealand Update - #24 by MichaMMA ( in following posts are also more detailed infos ).

what exactly ? This file is for starting plugins ( simconnect ), etc.

But as mentioned, first try the cleanup ( and dont forget the windows hosts file, if the mentioned add-on was installed ). If that will not help, add some additional informations in the post, may most important the error message which you can find within the windows event log. Also its allways important to distinct “ctd while startup - vs - ctc while start a flight - vs - ctd in a flight”. If the issue while “startup” is gone, there are topics with possible reasons for the other situations.

So, CTD would happen at around 60% on the loading bar. I wiped the community folder, uninstalled GSX and FSPUIPC- Nothing. I then dug around forums, tried everything, drivers, audio devices, hardware… and came across the XML forum. I saw that GSX had made a backup XML, and the main exe.xml and the backups looked like a mess in general, so I deleted it and launched. This time I was able to load into the main menu, however then I expirienced a crash upon clicking “World Map”. So I narrowed it down to the issue being an external application trying to connect the sim. I then created a new exe.xml using a template on the forum, and this time it CTD at the same spot - 50-60% loading bar. At that point I had given up and have completely deleted msfs and am reinstalling it.

Update: I COMPLETELY deleted MSFS, And I am still getting CTD . Sometimes load into the main menu without issues, then when I click on world map - it crashes to desktop. Other times it crashes around halfway through loading. A few times even when I move my mouse without clicking anything, the game crashes as well. For the love of god someone help me. I found a few others with my problem, and they referred to this forum:

This did not work, when I paste it into CMD and click enter, it says: The Sytem cannot find start shell:appsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App -DeleteCloudSaves"

Any ideas? I’m losing my mind over here…

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