MSFS DC6 outsells DC6 for FSX + P3D + XP within hours!

Randazzo from PMDG shared this tidbit about the DC6 sales upon its release. According to Randazzo, the DC6 for MSFS outsold the DC6 for all of FSX + P3D + XP, within hours of its release: .

This is pretty much consistent with what Aerosoft experienced for their CRJ sales:

From the publishers point of view… sales are very very strong. I can tell you some glasses were raised.

Darn, MSFS is a juggernaught. I think whatever 3rd party devs that haven’t hopped onto MSFS yet, really need to think twice. If these 3rd party devs want to make more money, the money is in MSFS.


I am pretty sure PMDG 737 for MSFS will also outsell 737 for FSX and P3D within hours of release. The hype is unreal!


I like how Randazzo goes on to say that the reach MSFS has into mainstream gaming markets is one of the reasons for the record sales and the ability to charge less per unit as there will still be more than enough profit from a higher number of sales.


Makes good sense. PMDG has a stellar reputation, and the DC-6 does not have an equivalent aircraft to compete in MSFS.

For the first ninety days or so after the initial release “The Six” accounted for 100% of my flight sim hours.


Great news for PMDG and the future of MSFS. Exciting times.


The sales will only grow even more. MSFS on PC had 2 million active users. Then XBox was added, but that is only Series X/S, and the supply of those are still constrained. Last figures released, there were 18 million GamePass XBox users, but most of those are still XBox One users. Microsoft though has announced that they will soon start being able to meet the demand for the new consoles though.

The next step is cloud gaming, but I don’t know if sales of addons is going to be a thing with MSFS cloud. There is no local storage for these devices, so I don’t know if cloud gaming will support addons stored in cloud storage. But if so, that will broaden the market even more.


DC6 is now on the marketplace. It is gonna sell even more!


For me it was 100% of my flight sim time for all days since initial release :upside_down_face:
Simply a fantastic aircraft.

Yep, sales will be multiplied by at least 5 or 6. I hope they have a good accountant :smiley: The reach the marketplace has is INCREDIBLE.


It’s exciting to think that good quality planes are very likely going to become cheaper than ever before without hurting the devs. More people will get to enjoy high quality models, which is definitely a good thing for flight simming in general.

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Dc6 not landing on Xbox series x and s do anybody have bringer tips

Honestly I find it astounding anyone would be surprised by this.

I’m watching YouTube videos now on dc6

Wow, that’s awesome news. Gotta go through all the tutorial videos for the DC6 now, aargh!

xbox s user

Other then none of the gauges working I do enjoy the d/l…

Guess I’ll go do some troubleshooting and get back to you all.

it seems that in cockpit mode, at this moment, none of the instruments work. Things seem to ‘work’ on outside view mode.

Between you and me I’d would of like to know that before I put my money down. Maybe a small note letting users what works and isn’t working at the version they are buying.


edit update …
Seems they know about this issue. On the official PMDC forum they have responded with concern.

Remember back in the day when people were asking why Asobo should release on Xbox? :wink:

She really is a beautiful bird…

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I was just about to ask: why does the DC-6 have such a (relatively) low rating of 3.2 in the marketplace (as of today)? I thought that this was one of the more elaborate 3rd party aircrafts and everyone liked it?

Okay, there are apparently only 53 current votes, so the rating is standing on weak legs so far - but still…

Are there any limitations in the marketplace version as compared with the non-marketplace version perhaps?

Apparently it doesn’t work for a number of users… it seems like a whole bunch of cockpit interactions dont work in the marketplace edition to point it cannot be started up at least on Xbox. And from what I gather PMDG needs to rely on Asobo to test proper functioning on xbox since 3rd parties dont have Xbox devkits. And so developers releasing on xbox follow the guidlines that Asobo give and hope its tested by them properly (correct me if I’m wrong on this)

It would seem Asobo have dropped the ball and PMDG’s reputation pays the price… and we all know or have heard how quickly submitted fixes and updates take to deploy on the marketplace.

I personally bought direct from PMDG and am very happy but feel for the poor xbox users.

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More than that, I remember the many preaching that it’d be a horrible mistake and it’d never be successful anyway, because Xbox users pew pew only. :joy:

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