MSFS DC6 outsells DC6 for FSX + P3D + XP within hours!

Don’t buy the DC-6 on Xbox yet, it doesn’t seem to work. Apart from none of the gauges moving, also none of the levers or switches can be moved. With the exception of rudder trim, elevator trim and light switches, nothing else works in the plane. It seems as though only the Xbox controller shortcuts do anything, but if you manually want to handle the different instruments, it cannot be done.

Edit: Details on PMDG’s website

Okay, so you are essentially saying that mostly (only?) Xbox users are affected - so no issue then for me :wink:

Thanks for your detailed reply!

PMDG have posted a pretty detailed response to the issue as well:

And as a side note they have publicly posted the manuals for the aircraft on their website as well as obviously xbox users cant go digging in their file system to find a pdf.

Honestly doubt the reputation will be affected much unless it does not get fixed in a reasonable amount of time. People know the type of quality associated with PMDG, and considering it’s an xbox only issue, it’s clear that PMDG are not (for the most part) responsible as of yet. Though it does raise the question of how much this stuff gets tested on Xbox before it’s released. Would be a very simple thing to take it for a flight and find out half of it does not work.

Funny that it only seems to affect 8-10% of users which is very odd.

I know on PC there used to be (maybe still is) a bug that causes everything to go unresponsive, maybe it’s related.

I hope they sort it out quickly.

It was clearly not tested on Xbox because everybody just assumed that everything worked the same on console as it did on PC. Which is true to a degree but in this case it wasn’t. This is PMDG’s first product on Xbox so obviously they’re still learning how to develop things. I’m sure it will be fixed and patched as soon as possible. However, this also sheds light on the state of the Xbox marketplace, and that Asobo/Microsoft probably don’t test anything, they leave it up to the developers.


The truth may be closer that these, for the most part are new simmers, and will not know the type of quality associated with PMDG. That’ll be the bit I imagine that worries PMDG the most, at the moment.
Which is why they’ll be stopping at nothing to get it fixed.

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Considering the price and style of the plane I’d hope this is less the case, but valid point nonetheless. Regardless of experience, simmers new and old will be more wary of the marketplace, which has already been a point of contention for some time now.

Vaguely related: it’s now on sale

for USD 55, which IS lower than usual, but the homepage states “was: USD 70” which is misleading. It’s been USD 60 for ages.

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And if you read the PMDG posts, you’ll see that it was tested on xbox and they’ve had great difficulty replicating the issue.

EDIT: and a potential workaround here:

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It’s certainly looked that way for as long as I have been using the sim (December 2020)

They add the DRM/encryption and that is probably all they do.

An indication, I suppose, of the sim market versus others is the shock at the DC-6 pricing, if the replies to the MSFS DC-6 announcement tweet are anything to go by.

I’ve never bought DLC for any other sim/game/platform so can’t comment there.

Xbox users were facing a lot of issues when it was released on the marketplace yesterday. I am not surprised by the low rating on the marketplace.

It actually was tested on the XBox test boxes before it was packaged up for putting on the Marketplace. Microsoft and PMDG verified that it does function in the test environment. It just doesn’t function on a retail XBox.

Microsoft and PMDG from what it seems are thinking there is something different between the test box and a normal retail XBox. Actually, I’m betting that it is a network resource that isn’t available outside the Microsoft network. For example, if the code attempts to make an API call, but does it with a domain that is only available within the Microsoft network, it is going to pass on the Microsoft test XBoxes. However, a retail XBox won’t be able to resolve the domain, so the call will fail and the code won’t function. It’s just an example, but I am guessing it is something like that. This effects not only the DC-6, but Milviz’s Corsair and Seafront Simulations Global AI Shipping, which also do not work on XBox.

So, no one is really at fault. Microsoft tested the addons before putting them in the Marketplace. The developers tested the addons in DevMode. The bug didn’t fail inside Microsofts network, but it fails on an XBox outside. A hard bug to find. No one was lazy or sloppy, sometimes things just happen. This wasn’t going to get caught inside the Microsoft network.

Have patiene and faith. This will be fixed, but I imagine it will take a release or a hotfix to address.

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But if it’s the same issue as that which is affecting Milviz and Seafront it seems there’s no easy fix. Apparently seafront has been broken for some time now.

Milviz has been broken even longer than seafront. The problem was, they couldn’t replicate it, because it always worked on the XBox test servers. So they couldn’t fix it not knowing what the issue was. They finally realized yesterday, these things work on the test servers, but don’t on retail Xboxes.

I’m betting what we will find is the Xbox code is referencing a resource that is idenfied with a local UNC (a locally resolved domain). That is why this code has always worked during Microsoft testing, because the Xbox test servers are in the Microsoft network. Now knowing what they are looking for, it shouldn’t be as hard as you think to track down.

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The reason our Corsair isn’t working on the Xbox is because, according to Msobo, their XBox DRM won’t let the WASM code run properly. They have promised to look into it but… I’m guessing it’s not a priority.

We’re hoping that the Porter gets on their but… who knows.


Are they planning to release the 737 on the same day on MSFS marketplace and on their website?

I would buy the PMDG DC-6 from Market Place right now if Asobo would fix TrackIR (which I’m beginning to think they won’t due to their silence about it).

No TrackIR is a sim killer for me.

I bought it on release, brilliant aircraft, also the tutorial videos on YouTube are excellent too.

I am REALLY excited for the next PMDG release, hopefully before the end of the year.

I’m also REALLY excited that iniBuilds are bringing the A310-300 to MSFS soon too.

Hang in there, we have some real nice aircraft on the horizon it seems.