MSFS freezes in Sedona flight training at camera stage

Hi, sorry in advance for the incredible noob question here. I just got FS for the Xbox. Discovery flights and just spawning and taking off at random airports works fine, so no obvious hardware or software issues (I am using a cheap thrustmaster, rudder pedals, and the controller, as needed). When I do the ultra basic, first level, basic aircraft controls tutorial, in Sedona, I get to the part where you manipulate the camera around the cockpit, and I move the camera around, and it never moves to the next phase. This has happened five times now. I found an earlier post where someone had a similar issue and fixed it by restoring Accessibility to defaults, so I tried that, and it didn’t work. It’s extremely frustrating because it takes several minutes of now totally redundant information, presented slowly, to get to this stage, and then there’s no way out of it.

Any ideas? I am not a gamer or a pilot (yet) so I really benefit from the tutorial. But I’ve had enough of just moving the camera around while sitting on the apron at Sedona.

Thanks for any help

I have reset every setting that I can think of, and stopped using the HOTAS completely, and I still can’t get past this screen. Can someone please help me?

Maybe this one will help ?

Maybe just unplug the joystick and rudder, just use controller for this one lesson.

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Unplugging the joystick completely worked. Thank you very much!

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