MSFS Ground School Lessons from a real pilot and former flying school instructor

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently uploaded some MSFS educational lessons to YouTube. I hold Private Pilot and Glider Pilot licenses and formerly worked as a ground school (classroom) instructor at a flying school. These videos are recordings of live sessions from my Twitch channel where we do a 30-60 minute ground school class every Thursday evening at 8pm ET / 5pm PT / 0000Z followed by multiplayer group flights with the community. I’ll use this thread to link future videos whenever a new one is posted. I hope some of you find this content useful and learn something new!


Lesson 4 on Aircraft Engines is now available:


Lesson 5 on Airport Operations is now available:


Lesson 6 on Radio Procedures is now available. If you’re interested in using Vatsim or other services where you communicate with a live Air Traffic Controller, you should find this video to be a very good starting point to help you get over “mic fright.”

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Lesson 7 on Navigation is now available:

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Lesson 8 on Meteorology is now available:

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Lesson 9 on Air Regulations is now available:


For more like this you can get all of over manuals for free from the FS ACADEMY website:

We have groundschool manuals for VFR, IFR, Navigation and airliner flying.

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