Msfs Official Twitter is just an endless list Xbox requests

is DCS a flight sim ? with all the missions, campains, ,multiplayer , etc … :thinking:

I agree with these guy from the windows store. He tell nothing else than that for a lot of users these game will be boring after a while. And I assume, because we speak about XBOX Gaming, these kind of users is what the managment of MSFS choose as a target :slight_smile: … and these usage-profile is not limited on the xbox.

Well, let me say it this way. Some simulate being an ATP, a GA Flyer being a Bush Pilot, or travelling around the world. Some maintain logbooks, Screenshots, etc. Nothing wrong to add some purpose and direction to simulated flight…

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and i can accept that. TBH i thought the same myself at first but not really anymore.

I didnt know those addons existed. those are a good choice, but also a hastle to someone not very technically inclined, the setup has to be fool proof.

I would imagine that MicroSobo are aware of this and that the next 12 months of development will be appealing to those “community demands”

In fairness a career mode fills that need a lot and it wouldn’t actually hurt if one was introduced.

For all its 12+ months of development FS2020 is still just a bit of a “pretty boy” by sim standards. All looks and little depth.

I’ve been aware and somewhat ok with that hoping that more depth will come in time.

I may have been wrong. The depth may never come. However, despite obvious nerfs to the way it looks on reasonable PC hardware it’s still a good looking sim.

I’ll still fly it I guess but my focus is drifting back to the other sims I have neglected over the months. It feels less like home than it once did.

I don’t use them myself. I did download Neofly to have a look, but didn’t actually get it up and running. I might well go back to it at some point. It’s the only one that is free for the base capability with paid enhancements. Looked quite interesting tbh.

Seen the announcement I take it? Hopefully improvements coming soon:

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Out of curiosity what are you views on the other sims as I’m looking to get xp12

I think you mean XP11?

And that’s going to bore the gamers ■■■■■■■■ when they realize you can’t shoot, dogfight, etc. You can only fly the planes and land on carriers.

Gamers don’t want to fly flighter jets. They want to shoot things with fighter jets.


XP12 is in the works.

Do we know release date yet?

They should add a career mode and missions to please people who want it to be more like a game, while at the same time keep the rest as it is too so those of us who prefer more sim-like won’t need to play such careers and missions.

I don’t believe so… they have shown a few videos etc.

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Seen the announcement. None of them have anything to do with “depth development” these are “escalation of immediate issues” tasks. Largely things that previously worked and got borked by SU5 + things that had they been paying attention to depth and quality would not have been borked in the first place with some bandaid to fix the “glassed in the face” impact that SU5 had on the PC visual fidelity.

Seen the road map? Where is multi monitor support? Properly working VR? The single monitor scaling of the UI got so broken in SU5 that pop outs take up almost the whole of a secondary screen where previously they would at least scale text when resized.
The world map flight planner is now an utter mess … and many elements of that mess are actually issues that have not been fixed for a year!
Prop drag? Inertia? Can’t actually perform a snap roll in any of the aircraft because the flight model isn’t right?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a good looking flying game.
But that title fits it much better than “flight simulator” right now.


Something to look forward too!

For the XP crowd it will be…

I’m using FSEconomy occasionally and it adds something to the sim which I missed:
It provides some limitation to the endless possibilities in the sim.

Sounds weird, but it’s all about deciding what to do. And some can come up with it themselves, I like a little guidance.
Check where the aircraft of your choice is available for rent, check profitable routes from there (maybe add more routes to have an itinerary), and fly it. You might check if there’s freeware scenery available, maybe a matching livery/repaint for the area you’re flying in…
Making money is a side effect that adds motivation but isn’t that important in the beginning.

Just my point of view :slight_smile:

I do think that gamification can only add to the experience, as long as you’re not forced to use it.
And I dislike the suggestion by some here that it’s just an XBox thing. There’s plenty PC gamers that have the same sentiment after trying the sim via Game Pass.

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With the state of this at present I will too!!

I have a feeling you’re correct. I don’t think we’re likely to see many significant forward facing PC-only improvement to the sim over the next year or so since that will be window for sales on Xbox. Most of the additions we’re going to see to the sim will be gamey features to appear and retain the Xbox players.

Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. The more stuff they add in terms of things to do, the more likely people on both platforms will stick around and buy things from the marketplace, upcoming paid DLCs, etc. But features that would be PC only will be on the back burner till the time they deem the Xbox sales have declined to a point where it’s time to switch focus back to PC.

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Did you read the end…

This is not an exclusive list - we are investigating all the issues that have been communicated and we will give updates in the Feedback Snapshot on August 12. We acknowledge and apologize for the gap in our communication. Thank you again for your continued support and patience!

And yes, it is and always will be a flight simulation.