MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager (with Touch Panel Support) [v4.0.3]

Version 2.0 of this tool allows you to automatically detach and save pop out panel positions for your flight. Please feel free to provide feedback about the usefulness or any issue you encounter regarding this tool.

A video demonstrating how this tool work can be found in the “How to Use” section of documentation by visiting GitHub repository link above.

Thank you all!


Hi Stanley,

I am very anxious to try your MSFS pop out window app, but feel like a dolt. I have visited your GitHub site, but cannot find the .exe

I can download the code, but do not know how to do the “build” to get the executable. Is there an install program I am missing?

Help will be appreciated,

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You can download the zip file in the release section for v2.0.2. Once you extract the zip file, you should see the exe file in there. Please the link below to the release section. Thanks for trying out the app.

So far so good with the new 2.0.2 build. I’ll continue to setup panels and test and let you know how it goes.


Spoke too soon … I have downloaded and installed the 64 bit version of .Net, but still get this when I launch the .EXE


I even tried both the 64bit and x86 version


Same here. Have installed this framework thing but still get the same error… Solution:

You need to download the desktop app in the middle (x64, approx. 54 MB).

To download the MSFS-Popout-Panel-Manager you need to find the release on the right hand side of github:


Once you have unzipped (extracted the file) you can start the app. If you have not installed .net the app will guide you to it´s location as shown in the first picture.

Sorry about the confusion. It is very confusing on Microsoft.NET download site which framework to download. You’ve to download the desktop version of the x64 runtime and install it. I’ll add the instruction in the documentation.

Thanks for posting. You have been faster than me :grinning:

MachtHerzogin21, thanks for helping out with the instruction:) Benefit of working from home with work and home computer side by side!

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Just ran into a snag, that actually works with your 1.1 version.

I have taken an aircraft DA40NG and I have setup this application to run the GTN750 with the MFD rather than use the G1000 MFD. In your v1.1 this pops out fine along with any other panel I setup and use.

Using this GPS for MSFS2020
and this

However in the 2.0.2 build, I seems to put everything in place correctly, however it only pops either the PFD or MFD but not both.

I know there is no configuration for this, and am happy to try and setup a new configuration for it but not 100% sure I understand enough right now of your setup to add another config to the setup.


I’ve created a new release v2.0.3 to add new image recognition data for PMS50 GTN750 mod panels and a new profile for DA40NG. Would you please try it out and see if it works for you? You can just overwrite all the files in the unzipped folder and your saved data in /config/userdata.json will not get overwritten.

As I continue development of this tool, I’ll add additional plane profile configuration data as separate zip file to download instead of creating new version of code which will reserve for new feature or bug fixes only. This will make installation much easier for everyone.

In the next few days, I will also add technical documentation in how to configure custom profile for planes that you want to fly.

Nice! I’ll try it out shortly and let you know how it works out. Thanks!!

Just went through the motions with 2.0.3 and its all working fine so far. No issues to report at the moment. Thanks!

Still working to get my first set of panels selected and saved. I have used the left-click to select 6 panels … but when I click CTRL-left click to indicate I have selected all I want, the app closes before I can click “analyze”

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OK … figured it out. I had placed the app folder in my c:\program files (x86) folder. Just found out it will not run from there so I moved it to another drive. Working now.

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Can we get a profile for the Cessna Citation Longitude (G5000) please?
Or is there a profile that will work for this?


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JimSim831, unfortunately, I only have the standard version of MSFS2020 so I won’t be able to create image recognition data to recognize Citation Longitude G5000. But in the next few days, I’ll publish documentation in how you can create your own profile with the current version of my application.

This proof-of-concept tool is to demonstrate that automatic pop out is possible with some basic image recognition. In the future version of this tool, I will implement something similar to MilchWueste4495 version of his tool to use small object detection and/or machine learning to automatically recognize any type of panel.

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Thanx. What impressed me most about your tool was the idea that it would “automatically” open and position the pop-outs. With the other tools, I still have to manually Right-Alt and Click each display I want into a chain (dumb Asobo issue) and then break them out into individual windows… then the other tool will position them. So not quite as automated as your tool.


Leaving a reply to stay updated

Version 2.1 has been released.

It added user interface with the ability to delete unused built-in profile and ability to create custom profile for plane that was not originally supported by the app. Please give it a try and see if it works for you. Please see documentation section “Add or Delete Plane Profile” for instruction in how to add/delete a profile. Also, please make sure the Windows folder you place the application has write permission since by creating custom profile, the application will create and store new image recognition data.